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Video Editing Showdown: Spivo vs. Fiverr

Customers watching video edits

When it comes to needing a video editing service, there are many options that one could research and choose from. However, with such a wide range of choices, one is also faced with the challenge of determining which service is truly worth their time, money, and trust.

If you are struggling to choose between two services that will best edit your videos, you don’t have to look any further! This is where we come in! Fiverr and Spivo Video are two unique services that offer video production and editing, but which is better? 

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into a comparison of the two services and provide you with an informed decision that’ll best check your boxes! We’ll review their prices, their features and benefits, their disadvantages or limitations, the overall flow and organization of their company, and most importantly, we’ll look over their reviews and testimonials! 


Fiverr is an online platform that serves as a marketplace for connecting freelancers with clients who are looking for various digital services. Though Fiverr offers a video editing service, it isn’t their specialization. They also offer many other services including graphic design, writing, digital marketing, and video animation. 

Fiverr’s platform allows customers to browse through profiles of many different video editors so they can review their portfolios and hire the one that best fits their requirements and budget. 

Fiverr website homepage


Speaking of budget, Fiverr works on a freelance basis, where these freelancers offer their services at different rates and customers can just choose the one that works best for them. You never really know what you’re getting, or if you’re getting your money’s worth. 

The starting price for services on Fiverr vary a lot. Many freelancers offer additional packages that can raise or lower the overall price point. For instance, all editors have three package options and therefore, prices ranges; basic, standard, and premium.

To paint a picture, one editor, who strictly edits videos for youtube, starts the Basic Package at $14.03 for...

  • Up to 30 minutes of footage provided
  • Up to 5 minutes running time
  • Color grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • Subtitles
  • one day delivery
  • unlimited revisions
The Standard Package starts at $21.05 for...
  • Up to 45 minutes of footage provided
  • Up to 8 minutes running time
  • Color grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • Subtitles
  • 2 days delivery
  • unlimited revisions
and the Premium Package starts at $35.08 for...
  • Up to 60 minutes of footage provided
  • Up to 15 minutes running time
  • Color grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • Subtitles
  • 3 days delivery
  • unlimited revisions

If you were choosing to look at another video editor, say someone who focuses on wedding videos, you may get an editor who makes different styles of videos and starts the Basic Package at $280.65 for...

  • A highlight video, that's up to 10 minutes long, with speeches, stabilized footage, colour grading, titles and 3 songs.
  • Color grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • 10 days delivery
  • 9 revisions
The Standard Package starts at $378.88 for...
  • A highlight video for up to 10 minutes long, with a social media teaser that is up to 1 minute long
  • Color grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • 10 days delivery
  • 9 revisions
and the Premium Package starts at $561.31 for...
  • A highlight video that is up to 10 minutes long, with a full-length video that is up to 3 hours long,
  • Color grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • 14 days delivery
  • 9 revisions

As mentioned, the pricing varies significantly based on different factors such as the complexity of the service, the level of expertise, the turnaround time that is required, and the specific needs and wants that the customer is asking of the project. 

Features and Benefits

Fiverr offers several features and benefits for their video editing service. The first being that they offer a diverse range of editors. Their customers choose the editor that works best for them and their needs based on the editor’s style, expertise, and experience level. They also offer AI editing.

Fiverr also offers specialized video editing, meaning that they have categories that cover a wider range of services. These include trimming clips, adding special effects, colour correction, audio enhancement, and subtitles. 

Fiverr offers revisions, where customers are given the option to provide the freelance editors with more time to include feedback and to make any changes, but revisions are an optional feature that freelancers can choose to offer, so it’s not always guaranteed.


Spivo website homepage

Spivo Video is a trusted video editing service where customers can upload their raw footage to be professionally edited by their editing team. 

They take any type of footage such as pictures or videos, and from any type of camera, such as DSLR, iPhone, Go-Pro, etc., and they create a video of your memories to hold onto forever. 

Spivo’s goal is to ensure that their customers can save time to do the other things they love, rather than spending unnecessary time editing. They take all the editing off your hands and create a cinematic experience within 7 days. 

Spivo’s team guarantees that you’ll love your video or it’s free, and offer unlimited revisions to ensure that you’re satisfied. 


Spivo’s pricing starts at a price point of $149 per video. However, this changes based on the custom video you want. Spivo has a seamless process where you can describe exactly what you’re looking for, and from there you’ll receive a quote. 

Spivo’s editing team offers different types of video edits such as travel videos, business videos, wedding videos, videos specific to reels and TikToks, and more! 

Spivo also provides tons of free resources with any video purchase! 

Features and Benefits

As mentioned, Spivo offers a wide variety of editing. They offer video edits for business, to travel, and now even weddings! 

Beyond that, they offer many features! For starters, Spivo provides a library of  8000 royalty-free songs to choose from to add to your video. If you don’t want to use a royalty-free song, they allow you to use your own music. 

When editing, they use colour correction, audio enhancement, transitions, and colour grading. They trim and cut clips to perfection, and they create specialized intros and outros. 

A benefit of using Spivo is not only that you’ll receive your long-lasting video memory within 7 days, but also that the editing team wants them to be perfect for you. Do you want to make changes? Do you have some feedback? Spivo offers an open line of communication and allows for their customers to make free revisions for up to 30 days. 

Another feature that Spivo offers is a little gift after each video is made; your project file! Though you’ll never need it, because they ensure it’s perfect in the end, Spivo provides their customers with the Adobe Premiere project file in the event that you should lose your final video, or in the rare event that you want to make any future changes. 

Key Differences

Video editor working on a customer's final video edit

Now that you have read what Spivo and Fiverr is all about, let’s look at the key differences between the two services. Examining the differences is essential for making an informed decision about which video editing service you’ll use. Video editing is specific to each individual so it’s important to ensure that the correct service is one that aligns with your needs and requirements. 

It is evident from the above reading that there is contrast in pricing and benefits, but what about the nitty gritty? What about the quality and organization of the company as a whole? What about the features that may limit users? 

Quality and Organization

Right off the bat, when we look at both Spivo and Fiverr’s website, we see a drastic difference. The first being the Fiverr’s page is very overwhelming and in some ways, chaotic. They offer a lot of different services, which means there is a lot of information. While a lot of information can be useful, it can also be hard on the eyes all at once. 

WIth Spivo Video, though their page is very minimal and offers just the needed information upfront, they also provide viewers with a chat page where they can interact with each other and ask questions. They also have an extensive, designated FAQ page for customers looking for more answers and information. Fiverr provides no chat option and very few FAQs.

Moreover, it’s to no surprise that companies will have a reviews and testimonial page that exhibits all the positive feedback and reviews that customers leave. However, it is a surprise when a company does not exhibit any of the sort on their website. Where Spivo does show what their customer’s experience is, Fiverr does not. Instead, if you Google more information about Fiverr, many negative reviews appear. We don’t see this for Spivo. 

Customers seem to value and trust Spivo Video’s quality and overall presentation, making it hard to find reviews that say otherwise. Spivo prides themselves on customer satisfaction and it’s evident they truly follow through

Time Involvement

It's also important to note the time in which it takes to complete the entire process of not only finding an editor, but receiving and completing your final video. 

With Fiverr, there’s hundreds of editors to choose from. Therefore, you’ll likely spend 30 to 60 minutes looking through each one in order to find someone you like and who suits your desired needs. This can be a huge drawback for people who are short on time.

On the flip side, Spivo’s video editors are vetted professionals, so there’s no need to necessarily speak to any editors before starting a project. You can get your project started within a minute! This is a plus for those said individuals who are short on time, and who aren't picky! 


There are definitely some limitations that both companies inevitably present. For instance, with Spivo, their turnaround time is 7 days, equalling to a week. Though this may be long for some clients, and some may argue that they could edit within or less than 7 days instead, the kicker is the end quality. 

Spivo’s editing team takes this time to perfect the completion and overall cinematic experience of your final video. The editors pay attention to detail and don’t miss a beat. These are the expectations going into Spivo; that you’ll pay for quality, and you’ll be happy in the end. 

Spivo is a smaller company, making them reliable and personable. In contrast, Fiverr is a big company with many freelancers, making it less reliable and hard to navigate and trust. However, their big limitation is their revisions. When your video is made by one of these freelancers, there isn’t the guarantee that you’ll be allowed to ask for revisions or communicate consistently with your editor, because this feature is offered on an optional basis determined by the freelancer themselves. There are no guarantees with Fiverr. 

Worried that a video editor won't turn your creative visions a reality?? Look no further...

Spivo's Video Editors pay attention to detail and always deliver 10/10 quality!

Key Takeaways

Now that you’ve gained insight into Spivo Video and Fiverr as video editing platforms, it’s up to you to consider their benefits, limitations, quality, and pricing to determine what your best option will be. 

At Spivo, we’re committed to providing you with reliable video editing services that meet your expectations. We don’t want you to waste time editing your memories when you could be making more in the meantime. Leave the video editing to us!

We go the extra mile by guaranteeing your satisfaction, otherwise it’s on us! 

Don’t just take our word for it… check out our reviews page, and follow us along on this crazy adventure that is video editing, on our Instagram and TikTok

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