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GoPro Launches GoPro Fusion, GoPro Hero 6, Quik Stories and a Karma Update

GoPro Product Launch (28 September 2017)

GoPro has been hinting to a few new products for quite some time now. More than ever, we've been seeing leaked GoPro Fusion and GoPro Hero 6 specs, information, and content. This isn't typical for GoPro who are usually pretty secretive about their product launches.

Alrighty folks, here's the dealio

GoPro Fusion:

An all-new, 360-degree VR video camera. The GoPro Fusion uses two cameras to capture every angle in 5.2K resolution. This allows you to capture everything that is happening around you in 306 degrees. It also features voice control and automatic image stabilization, similarly to most other GoPro cameras. GoPro says it will launch four different preset effects in the GoPro App in early 2018: Angel View, Little Planet, and Pano flow.

But OverCapture, is by far GoPro's most coveted feature with the GoPro Fusion. The OverCapture effects allow you to turn 360-degree footage into regular 180-degree footage, using the GoPro App. After you load your footage into the app, you select which perspective you want to follow in VR by panning and tilting the camera. You'll then be left with a normal 1080P video, pulled from that 360-degree spherical video. VR video isn't always fun to watch, and the OverCapture feature fixes that problem by allowing you to create normal pictures and videos as well.

The Fusion is set to retail for $699USD when it launches on or before November 28th, 2017.

Interestingly, GoPro priced the GoPro Fusion $100 cheaper than it's main competitor, the Garmin VIRB360, which retails for $799USD.

This one has been inevitable for some time now. GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman excitingly hinted that this is the way he sees the industry going in a few years.

Does anyone else think the new GoPro Fusion looks like the old Instagram logo?

  Instagram Logo vs. GoPro Fusion

GoPro Karma Drone Update:

GoPro Karma Drone Update

This one is a little less exciting. On the outside, the GoPro Karma and case have not changed. However, they've added two new functionalities:

Follow me function: This allows the GoPro Karma to follow you while you're doing an activity (similarly to DJI's Mavic capabilities).

Look up camera tilt feature: With GoPro's Karma drone with the Karma Grip installed, you'll now be able to rotate the camera on the gimbal such that the camera points upwards with no rotor blades showing. 

GoPro Hero 6:

GoPro Hero 6 versus GoPro Hero 5: Can you spot the difference?

While it looks like a Hero 5 on the outside, GoPro launched the Hero 6, touting its new footage capabilities. The GoPro Hero 6 now allows you to shoot in 4K at 60fps (frames-per-second), 2.7K at 120fps and 1080P at 240fps (up from 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 60fps and 1080P at 120fps using the Hero 5).

Apart from the new shooting modes, GoPro is said to have beefed up its WIFI capabilities to allow for 3 times faster WIFI transfer as well as improved their in-camera electronic image stabilization. The image stabilization is supposed to give gimbal like footage, silky smooth footage. (Why do I need a GoPro Karma Grip again?)

Other notable features are new voice commands to allow for hands-free operations (eg: GoPro, turn on) and a new touch zoom feature. The Touch Zoom function allows you to zoom in on pictures and videos directly from the GoPro Hero 6 LCD, and save those now zoomed in shots. 

Finally, the GoPro Hero 6 features an all-new custom GoPro processor called the GP1. Nick Woodman said, "This is the heart of what makes Hero 6 so awesome".  It's said to offer 2X the performance of its previous processor (the Ambarella A9SE7). A big step for GoPro. Rumors speculated that the newly released Hero 6 shooting capabilities were attempted with the Hero 5, but the processor could not handle the increased thermal load.

Disappointingly, the GoPro Hero 6 body appears to be identical to it's little brother the Hero 5. Many customers have complained of water damage on the Hero 5, which was the first GoPro Hero camera to not require an external waterproof case.  The problem appears to be with the battery compartment and charging port seals, which are supposed hold their seal up to 30 feet. We had to replace our Hero 5 due to water damage, has it happened to you?

The GoPro Hero 6 is currently available worldwide for $499USD. Is the Hero 6 worth the extra $100 over the Hero 5? We'll need to spend some one-on-one time with the Hero 6 to see if it's worth the difference.

Quik Stories:

QuikStories is an added functionality to existing GoPro's app. Launching in early 2018, QuikStories will automatically upload your new pictures and videos from your GoPro to your smartphone. Not only will it upload them, but the new app update will edit videos automatically for you as well. From there, you'll be able to upload your videos directly to your favorite social media platform. Time will tell whether the app will be any good or not


Our Verdict: Some cool new tech, but your current GoPro is probably just fine

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below 👇 


Oct 20, 2017 • Posted by Pat

Well I have both the 5 and the new 6. I have noticed that the 6 is smoother in slow mo playback but the battery issue of just 1.5 hours for the 5 is still an issue with the 6, no change as far as I can see. Now one reason the slow mo playback is better in the 6 is the ability to get more FPS with 1080 and still have the stabilization work. but overall if I had two 5 it would be fine. I am using both to record Racquetball singles game and it is awesome!

Oct 20, 2017 • Posted by Pat

On another subject, Quik story, not clear on how and have only done one so far but it was a video of welding and grinding uploaded to FB and my followers loved it

Oct 23, 2017 • Posted by Spivo

Thanks for letting us know Pat! So far, we’ve noticed the imagine stabilization seems to be far superior on the Hero 6 versus the Hero 5.

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