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7 Reasons Why You Need to Travel with a Spivo Stick

7 Reasons Why You Need to Travel with a Spivo Stick   

This beautiful couple took their Spivo Stick to 10 counties in 3 months!

1) Spivo Stick will Capture Memories like Never Before

Let’s face it; you probably spent hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned dollars to explore a new part of the world... why would you not want to have the memories captured!

On vacation you will see and experience things that words cannot describe, especially to Aunt Gene.

Having the best GoPro mount to help you capture the moments will allow you to have the visual media to convince Aunt Gene that jumping off a cliff in Croatia was worth it.

Travelling is one of the most special experiences in life and you deserve to have your favourite memories captured to watch time and time again.

Where to next?

2) Spivo Stick is One of the Lightest Camera Poles 

Did you know that when there is no camera attached to a Spivo Stick it weighs less than your average iPhone? Pretty crazy right!?

Medium Spivo Stick

But don’t mistake the lightweight feel for lack of durability. These babies are made out of polycarbonate... for the non-engineering nerds like myself... the same material that hockey boards are made out of. Even bullet proof vests use polycarbonate.

Why is this useful for travelling?

Because airlines require you to take out a mortgage to afford the extra weight fees with luggage.

Not only that, but when you’re travelling the last thing you want is to be held back by heavy stuff.

Xavier hiking in Thailand with his Medium Spivo Stick and his GoPro

Pack smart with one of the lightest GoPro accessories on the market and choose to bring a Spivo Stick!

Don’t pay obnoxious over weight fares.

3) Spivo Stick is Completely Waterproof!

You never know what might happen while travelling.

Maybe you’ll have weather so sunny and warm you’ll question why you don’t live there or maybe you’ll get caught in a downpour so aggressive you won’t have to shower for a month. Either way, you won’t be there forever and you’ll have to make the most of your time regardless of if the weather is cooperating.

Thank goodness Spivo Stick is entirely waterproof! Yup take it in the rain, take it in the ocean, get splashed by a bus driving through a puddle, and have complete confidence your camera stick will continue to function!

Most action cams, especially GoPros are completely waterproof too but always read the labels to make sure your photographs and videos won’t be ruined by the water.

4) You can use any Lightweight Camera 

We realize that not everyone has a GoPro or an action cam. Heck, your trip was expensive enough we understand if you don’t want to drop another weeks pay on a camera.


You most likely have a smartphone and with the Phone Mount, combined with today’s high quality cameras built into our phones, you can take full advantage of what Spivo Stick has to offer.

Spivo Stick Phone Mount

One of the best parts about using a smartphone to record your trip is that unlike some pesky action cameras, you’ll be able to upload your footage to social media right away!... once you find WIFI that is.

Hey, maybe you already do have a GoPro but that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of the Phone Mount.

For starters, most smartphones film in a different lens angle than action cams so you can get creative and capture new perspectives.

On top of that, GoPros and action cameras are not renowned for their battery life. If your GoPro dies while zip-lining over a beach in Thailand swap it out for your trusty iPhone or other smartphone and let the good times roll... no pun intended. 


Chand ziplinning with his Spivo Stick

5) Spivo Stick is Really Strong

Don't worry about the goofballs who think it’s hilarious to throw your luggage around like it’s a football, we've got your covered! In case you did not read section 2 on how your Spivo Stick camera pole really is, you may have missed that it’s made out of insanely strong materials.

How strong?

Well, we drove over our own Spivo Stick with a car, and besides a few scratches, it still worked.

Go ahead and get crazy! When you’re travelling, you might find yourself in situations that may be hard on your equipment... but don’t stress the quality of your Spivo Stick! It’s made darn tough!

6) Spivo Stick will Help you Record Wildlife

Although we absolutely do not condone bothering wildlife and we do believe you should maintain a safe distance, experiencing new animals while on vacation is a beautiful and memorable thing.

Thanks to the reach Spivo Stick offers you, you can capture some insanely cool selfies!

Trying using the Long 26” Spivo Stick to capture happy animal faces like never before. Sea turtles seem to be a fan favourite.


7) Spivo Stick’s is Versatile to Travel with.

Taylor in Cuba at the beach with her Spivo Stick and GoPro

When we were building the first Spivo Stick, we knew we had to make sure we were building a camera (GoPro) accessory that people wanted to bring on adventures and would not hold them back.

Being avid adventure seekers ourselves, we built the Medium 18” Spivo Stick to be the perfect camera pole for a backpack. The dimensions were specifically engineered to fit the standard backpack.

Let’s not forget the Small 12” Spivo Stick, which can easily fit in most coat pockets.

Traveling with items can be stressful, as your packing needs to be as efficient as possible; so if a priority of yours is to document your trip, don’t think twice about bringing your lightweight, versatile, and strong Spivo Stick with you!

Bon Voyage!

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