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Top 5 Spivo Posts - July Edition

Can you believe that it's already August? I feel like I ask myself the same question every summer but it never seems to slow down. Know what else has not slowed down? People posting pictures and videos using their Spivo Sticks around the world. Summer trips, skydiving, sharks, even 80ft motocross jumps with one hand were all captured on camera using a Spivo Stick. Our amazing customers are continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity in creating content while doing the activities they already love.  

Don't forget that the next time you create some great content using your Spivo Stick we will be looking for it by searching our hashtags #spivo or #spivostick . By doing so, you'll join the thousands of others around the world in sharing their journeys and adventures. Who knows, maybe you'll make next month's top 5!

These are our top 5 favourite posts created in the adventurous month of July!

#5 - @itsmechand - Ziplining over the Philippines

This is how every island hopping should be done!! #zipline #gopro #goprohero4 #goprohero #phillipines #lascabanas #elnido #palawan #spivostick #beach #islandhopping #travel #explore #adventure #journey #discover #inspiredbyyou #goprooftheday by @itsmechand

Where did he start? Where did he end up? How fast did he go? We had so many questions when we first saw this picture. What we did not question was how badly we wanted to try it! Chand has endlessly created inspiring pictures from his travels; if you do not already follow him on Instagram he highly recommend you reconsider doing so!

#4 - @the_hydro_sapien - encounters some sharks in the Bahamas 

I made some new friends yesterday. They were pretty pushy. #dive #sharks #shark #bahamas #exumas #travel #work #explore #freedive by @the_hydro_sapien

We love how many possible stories could exist from this photo. Many would cringe at the thought of coming face to face with a shark - let alone two! Our friend (and owner of Good Breeze Kiteboarding) Billy made the experience look excitingly beautiful... and only he knows the true story behind the image.

#3 - @achccxlv - Exploring the sealife Grand Cayman has to offer

Playground ... #gopro #hero4 #grandcayman #caymanislands #beautifuldestinations #goprocaribbean #wreckofbalboa #spivo by @achcccxlv

When we were originally designing the Spivo Stick we needed it to be waterproof. What we didn't realize was how many people would end up using it as a snorkel and dive product. This month alone has seen more water oriented activities shot with a Spivo than anything else. With oceans come wildlife and Aaron had no problem finding abundance of life in the warm waters of the Cayman Islands. 

#2 - @ryangreenspan - Getting awfully close with some sea-lions

Having some fun with the locals out in the La Jolla Cove. I got to test out my new @spivostick for my little #underwater #adventure as well. I can't wait to start using it as my go to point and shoot stick for all my new videos. Plus, I get to keep my fingers in case a #sealion gets a little nibbly. @craig_smoove @kylegosling @gopro @brandongrossman @skemp #lifeaquatic #partytime #lajollacaves #sealioncaves #freedive #aquatic #underthesea #pbnation #bensound by @ryangreenspan

Ryan Greenspan, professional paintball player and founder of San Diego Dynasty, the team that has won more professional tournaments than any team in the history of the sport, also travels the world doing really cool stuff - as if competing in paintball isn't cool enough. Recently he got playful with some sea-lions in San Diego. Watch your fingers! 

#1 - @martinezfmxmtl - 80ft FMX Selfie Gap

Most extreme selfie we've seen yet! Can you top that? 🤘📸🤘follow @martinezfmxmtl for all of his adrenaline inducing activities by @spivostick

When we met Christian at the Brose Farm last month we could instantly tell by the neck tattoos that he was a rad dude. As a self proclaimed flyer of "dirt scooters" ... more commonly known as dirt bikes, Christian floored us when he said "oh I'll take that with me on my 80ft jump". Taking "look Mom, no hands" to a whole new level we were left with one of the most extreme selfie videos... ever?

On a side note, we added a couple more shops to the list of our official retailers; don't forget to stop by to save on shipping and say "hi" to the friendly staff. 

Our locations are:

Joe Mamma Cycles, Ottawa, Canada

Bushtukah, Ottawa, Canada

Airborne Action Sports, Ottawa, Canada

Sport Radical, Quebec City, Canada

Goodbreeze Kiteboarding, Florida, U.S.A

Scuba Shack, Gravenhurst, Canada 

Sink or Swim Scuba, Nanaimo, Canada

And yet another month goes by. We're already seeing content come in for August and by the looks of it choosing the top 5 will be as difficult as ever.

Will you make the cut?

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