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Top 5 Spivo Posts - June Edition

June was a great month for us as content from around the world using Spivo Sticks has become more and more abundant. People have now purchased Spivo Sticks in over 52 countries! How crazy is that!? We have also grown into retail space by having our products sold in 5 different retailers. So if you're looking to save on shipping and live by one of the shops make sure you swing by and say hi. 

Our locations are:

Joe Mamma Cycles, Ottawa, Canada

Bushtukah, Ottawa, Canada

Airborne Action Sports, Ottawa, Canada

Sport Radical, Quebec City, Canada

Goodbreeze Kiteboarding, Florida, U.S.A

Don't forget that next time you create some great content using your Spivo Stick we will be looking for #spivo or #spivostick to join the thousands of others around the world in sharing their journeys and adventures. Who knows, maybe you'll make next month's top 5!

On a daily basis we excitedly and obsessively check the hashtags looking for new a new post of someone chasing a sea turtle in the Cayman Islands or a cinematic shot hiking volcanoes in Indonesia. Vicariously we live through our devoted Spivo Stick customers. 

Regularly we share our favourite shots on our social media and with over 13,000 followers (and growing) we never forget to include you in a shout out. 

These are our top 5 favourite posts created in the beautiful month of June!

#5 - @parkamus - Hiking the Juan De Fuca Trail 

Hiking the Juan De Fuca Trail with Spivo Stick and Friends

How much fun are these hikers having!? Looks like lots to us. British Columbia provides some of the most breathtaking landscapes and adventures this world has to offer. Ben Parker has a really impressive Instagram account documenting the lifestyle and scenery the beautiful province has to showcase. From jet-skiing with baguettes to treetop hikes his account is absolutely worth a follow. 

#4 - - Jellyfish and Caves in Malta 

How many would willingly dive through underwater caves in jellyfish infested waters? The thought may seem frightening but the video sure makes it look relaxing and beautiful. Our good friends from Snorkel Around the World put together some fantastic footage of their aquatic adventures in Malta!

#3 - - And now... For Something Completely Different!

It's a bird!? It's a plane!? It's a helicopter!?

Nope, it's... swinging his Spivo Stick around in slow-motion. I don't think he had any idea how cool this would turn out when he first tried it. The result? Amazing. We would love to see more of these creative shots from around the world. So what are you waiting for? Get out and make one already!

#2 - Daniel Alfano - 10 Countries in 3 Months!

Coming in at 2nd place for the month this video was VERY close to being #1. It is difficult to think of things more rewarding, exciting, and memorable than travelling the world. This beautiful couple put together one of our favourite videos of all time by globetrotting with their Spivo Stick. The scene transition effect Daniel uses in this video is called a "whip-pan". This is the same effect the Spivo Stick creates naturally when the camera is rotated. We highly suggest watching this clip if you are in need of some inspiration for your next filming adventure!

#1 - Rory Bushfield Jumps out of a Helicopter 




Pro-skier, world traveler, and overall bad-ass, Rory is always looking to push the limits. Jumping from a chopper over British Columbia is certainly one way to do it... oh and did we mention he pulled his chute a little later than he might have wanted? See for yourself! 

Everyone at the Spivo office lost it when they saw this come in. Such a great video! 

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July in advance!

See you all next month, keep the great content coming.

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