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Top 5 #Spivo Posts - October Edition

Happy Halloween and welcome to the latest installment of the monthly round up of our favourite #Spivo posts found on social media.

Now deep into the season of Fall, everyone at Spivo has been a little stressed that there would not be much content for this month’s issue. The “in between” seasons often find us in an awkward waiting position between summer and winter activities.

Needless to say we were extremely wrong.

The amount of content that was posted this month was mind blowing. Rope swings from hot air balloons, Olympic divers, professional skiers, manta rays, travelers, paint ball games, and pre-season snowboarding were just a few of the outstanding posts we stumbled upon.

We’re expecting that the upcoming months will be filled with snowy GoPro adventures but we cannot wait to be surprised by what else we will see as many leave for vacations around the world.

Keep scrolling to see if you made this month’s top 5 Spivo posts!

#5 @taylorsudermann: Because books need a break too right? Isn’t that what reading week is for?

Cuba Vacation Travel GoPro Spivo Stick

From skiing the Rockies, travelling Europe, and vacationing in sunny spots, Taylor always has her GoPro with her. One of our very first brand ambassadors, Taylor is constantly pumping out gorgeous content that needs to be seen; this particular one comes from hot and sunny Cuba!

#4 @coleyfish14: Shark kisses are still kisses.

Paul recently took a trip to Egypt where he went scuba-diving with his GoPro. Although not as safe as a manta ray, this reef shark was merely just curious and posed no threat to Paul.

Pretty cool experience if you ask us!

# 3 @jacquesafrica: Oh deer!

Jacques lives and works on a boat and therefore he’s always in new places around the world. If we traveled as much as Jacques we’d bring our GoPro accessories everywhere too! Luckily Jacques does and he was prepared to capture this friendly Yosemite local on camera.

#2 @max_dion_: Living a personal dream of my own to swim with wild manta rays.

One of the most beautiful gentle giants on this planet, manta rays can weigh up to 3000lbs! Completely harmless to humans, unless you try to cuddle them, they can put on incredible underwater shows. They can even jump massively from the water.

#1 @kelliespriggs: Is she anonymous?

Hot air balloons, Guy Fawkes masks, a massive rope swing, some GoPros, toss in a Spivo Stick and a parachute and you get one hell of a stunt!

When she’s not selling homes, Kellie Sprigg’s lives an adrenaline inducing lifestyle from sea, to land, to sky. Check it out!



Bye October you've been swell!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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