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Top 5 Spivo Posts - September Edition

And the season of pumpkin spiced lattes is here! Welcome to Fall, where we begin to store away our summer toys and prep the winter ones; a season of transition. Summer 2016 is officially gone and although we’ll miss the warmth we are excited about comfortable temperatures and cozy clothing.

For skiers and snowboarders, Fall is a month of anxiety as they eagerly check weather reports and countdown days... unless of course you have already been training in New Zealand like our friend Mike Riddle (see below).

As my favourite piece to write for Spivo, I often find these monthly roundups challenging to tailor for all of our audience. As we have customers in over 52 countries around the world I need to remember a season transition into cold here may be the opposite elsewhere.

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram of people wakesurfing in Ottawa, Ontario with the caption “Are you still crazy enough to get in the water?” For us, the temperatures are dropping rapidly and frankly, I wouldn’t be getting in the water without a wetsuit. Then one of our followers commented “Why would that be crazy?”... Well upon further investigation, the follower was from South of France where in fact, it would not be crazy at all to get in the water.

Needless to say to have taken a local humble start-up into a globally engaged company is nothing short of a amazing and the small reminders, such as a follower from South of France helping me realize our reach, constantly puts a smile to my face.

But enough of the reminiscing! You’re here for cool stuff so cool stuff you shall get!

As our hashtags (#spivo and #spivostick) continue to populate we never find it easy to choose our top favourite 5 of the month. Nevertheless, here they are! Keep an eye out for yourself; you may have made the cut.



These are our top 5 favourite posts created in the beautiful month of September.

#5 - @lucho_renna. Wakesurfing in Ottawa. If you don't have natural waves, make your own!

Everyone at Spivo LOVES wakesurfing. Few sports are as fun and safe as getting behind the wave of a boat. With Summer heat and your buddies it makes for some pretty amazing memories... even if you do lose your favourite sunglasses as you jump off the back of the boat.

#4 - @greggermeister's dad. Who said dad's cant shred? Well I guess nobody did but Phil proves it regardless.

Spivo team member Greg threw a Spivo Stick in his dad's hands and told him to hop behind the boat. You'd swear he knew what he was doing by the smiles that ensued - one handed I may add!

#3 - @itsmechand - The Spivo Travel God strikes again.

Our most featured Spivo user ever, Chand never disappoints. His signature “look-away” style has us feeling apart of his journey from scenic mountain tops to river caves and even volcanoes. Follow him if you don’t believe us!

#2 - @mike_riddle - When snow is life you may as well fly halfway around the world. 

Mike Riddle Pro Skier Halfpipe Spivo Stick Medium

Pro-skier, Olympic silver medalist, Mike Riddle lives for snow. So when he healed up from an injury and there wasn’t any white fluffy stuff around he did the  most logical thing possible; hop on a plane and fly to New Zealand where it was winter!

#1 - @formertrigod - Can probably hold his breath longer than you can. 

Kevin lives in Grand Cayman Islands... yes the same place that people go for vacations; we aren’t jealous at all. One of the most abundant areas of sea life, Kevin has clearly taken advantage of his gorgeous backyard. One of many videos he has sent us; each one as beautiful as the last. Holding your breath for that long is not an easy feat – he however, sure makes it look otherwise.

And that's it for another month; thanks for reading and see you in 30 days!

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