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Top 8 Time-Saving Video Editing Services of 2023

Video editor working at computer

Lights, camera, action! You’ve collected and captured epic footage to create a compelling video of your adventure, wedding, or for your business. Now that you’ve got your memories stored, you’re ready to take it to the next level. But here’s the next challenge: the editing! 

The process of editing videos takes time and skill. This is where video editing services come in! 

Finding the best editing service that aligns with your needs can be stressful. There are many options available that promise outstanding results, but how do you choose the perfect company to turn your visions into reality? In this article, you’ll learn what to look for in a good, professional, and reliable editing service.

What is a Video Editing Service?

Video editor is editing footage in software

Video editing services are teams of editors who use video editing software to turn raw footage into a polished and complete final video. Expert editors use their creativity to enhance visuals, storytelling, and the overall quality. They can trim, rearrange, combine video and photo clips, include special effects and transitions, adjust colour and lighting, and optimize audio. 

It also makes the lives of individuals and businesses easier as they save themselves not only time and effort, but the unnecessary stress of trying to do it themselves. 

Whether you’re a content creator, filmmaker, or simply an adventure enthusiast, there is a service available to meet your specific requirements. Video editing services cater to diverse wants and industries.

Why are Editing Services Needed?

There are many reasons why one should outsource custom video editing, but the two most important benefits are quality and time. 

Quality is important because it makes all the difference in not only your satisfaction, but the difference between building your audience and losing it. Professional video editors are skilled in producing high quality content, even if your footage doesn’t meet the quality standards. 

If you’re someone who is constantly busy with work or wanting to spend time with your family, the last thing you want to do is use whatever little free time you have to edit a video. 

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to edit just a few minutes of video and this doesn’t even begin to cover the time spent sorting through footage and learning to use software. Professional editors can work effectively within tight deadlines which also makes for quick and clean results. 

What You Should Look for When Choosing The Best Company

Customers watching video

It’s not easy to send your most valued footage and memories to a stranger and to put your trust in their editing skills, but this is why you want to make sure you’re checking all the boxes to ensure you’re satisfied. 

When you’re on the hunt for a solid video editing service, there are multiple things to consider. The most important are:

  • the pricing,
  • the quality of their work,
  • the different features and additional services that they offer, 
  • what software they're using to edit (most use Adobe Premiere),
  • and what the reviews and testimonials are saying! 

Your first step is to review your options and the features they offer. Do they fit your requirements? Some video editing services will offer royalty free music, intros and outros, subtitles, and stock images. While others won't. 

Then, look at the quality of their work and reviews. There should be a review page where past clients have left comments and a portfolio where you can watch previous work. 

Reputable video editing services will:

  1. have high resolution videos, 
  2. clear sounding audio, 
  3. colour correction and smooth transitions, 
  4. and clean intros/outros
  5. Offer free revisions to ensure you’re satisfied

Next, you’ll want to check for the nitty gritty details such as, timing, revisions, and upload expectations. For instance:

  • How much, how big, and what type of footage can you upload?
  • How many revisions are you allowed to make after the first draft?
  • How much do revisions cost/are they included in the price?
  • How fast can the editors deliver your first draft?

Some companies promote “unlimited revisions,” but will then add a restriction such as “within 30 days.” Other companies will also place limits on the length and size of your footage upload and others will limit the length of your final video.

It’s important to understand each company's different offers and restrictions, therefore you can compare and contrast. 

That being said, here are our top eight recommendations for the best video editing services in 2023!

Our Top Eight Best Video Editing Service Recommendations

Adobe Premiere open on computer and camera gear surrounding

Alright! Now that you know what to look for when searching for your ideal editing company, we’ll help even further by recommending our top eight best video editing services of 2023 based on price, editing speed, features, and more! 

#1: Spivo Video 

Spivo website homepage

At Spivo Video, they take pride in delivering high quality videos, produced by professional editors who pay attention to detail. Though they specialize in travel videos, they also edit business and wedding videos. 


Spivo’s pricing starts at $149 per video and changes based on the custom video you want. You can share a little about what you’re hoping to have done and you’ll receive your final quote

Spivo often offers discounted rates and bundles!

Spivo also offers Reel/TikTok Packs.


Spivo offers a variety of features that keep their customers hooked:

  • Upload HD/4k videos and photos
  • Royalty free music options or bring your own
  • Colour grading and corrections
  • Animation and graphics
  • Intros and outros 



  • Often offer discounts and bundles
  • Unlimited revisions for up to 30 days
  • Produces wedding videos
  • Can view order status
  • Give project file with final video


  • 7 day turnaround (but the high quality makes up for it) 

Once you've received your quote, here is how you can upload and customize your video!

Have a variety of footage from many different cameras??

Spivo's Video Editing Service can edit any video from any camera!

#2 Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits website homepage

Tasty Edits offer a range of services such as video editing, thumbnail creation, and vertical videos. 


When it comes to plans and pricing, Tasty Edits prides themselves on flexibility. They charge per video, and they have separate pricing plans for horizontal and vertical videos. 

For a single horizontal video, it is $240, for 4 horizontal videos, it is $215, and for 8 horizontal videos, it is $190. Their basic plan for a vertical video subscription starts at $40/video. 


Tasty Edits offer features such as: 

  • unlimited animation and motion graphics
  • unlimited music and sound effect
  • colour correction
  • audio enhancement

The company also offers their custom-coded Video Order Management Application (VOMA).



  • Offers wide range of features
  • Flexible pricing and plans
  • 24 hour turnaround revision request
  • 48 hour first draft turnaround time


  • Can only send up to 90 minutes of raw footage
  • Don’t produce wedding videos
  • Often don’t accept new clients
  • Don’t provide voiceover services

#3: Edit Crew 

Edit Crew website homepage

Edit Crew really does have a crew of professional editors! They promise to deliver quality videos and offer within-the-hour communication which provides communication throughout the work day. 


They fall on the more expensive side, but their final production piece makes it all worth it. Edit Crew offers fractional editing and offers 2 different plans. 

The first is the “Essentials” and is $1,500 per month. This includes a part-time editor at 15 hrs/week. The company recommends this plan for businesses that need consistent and reliable edits.

The next plan is the “Pro” for $2,450 per month. This includes a full-time editor at 40 hrs/week. They recommend this plan for fast-moving projects and higher volume. Customers are able to pause and cancel both plans at any time! 


Edit Crew offers:

  • unlimited run time
  • licensed music and footage
  • english and spanish creatives
  • unlimited sourced stock clips
  • unlimited rounds of revisions



  • Deliver drafts in 1-2 business days
  • Deliver revisions in 24 hours
  • No limits on video run time
  • Source licensed music 


  • Don’t offer animation
  • Don’t offer “excessive, complex, or custom motion graphics”
  • Don’t produce wedding videos

 #4: Video Husky 

Video Husky website homepage

At Video Husky, they’ve helped about 812 video creators edit around 16,043 videos. They pride themselves on the simplicity of their service and process.


Video Husky offers a wide range of pricing plans. However, the most popular are the Pom and Eskimo plan. 

“Pom Plan” is their starter plan and is $549 per month. It can be paid by month or by the quarter year. It offers 1080p or less resolution, unlimited revisions, and more. 

Their “Eskimo Plan” is $749 per month and can also be paid by month or by the quarter year. It offers 4k or less resolution, unlimited revisions, colour grading and colour correction, and premium stock music.


Video Husky offers features based on the certain plan that one chooses. Some features include: 

  • max raw footage of 20 GB, 40 GB and more
  • colour correction and grading
  • animation/graphic templates



  • Offers reasons why each plan is or isn’t a good fit 
  • Affordable 
  • 200 GB of cloud storage
  • Bonus exports


  • No online pricing
  • Only works weekdays
  • 1 video at a time
  • No wedding video
  • Pom Plan limits stock assets and revisions

#5: Replayed 

Replayed website homepage is London-based and connects YouTubers with the spark they’re looking for using AI. Beyond video editing, they also offer thumbnail creation, merch design, and platform reformatting. 


Replayed’s pricing is done differently than most and is done based on the length of raw footage. Therefore, if you have less than 15 minutes of raw footage, they’ll charge you $49 per hour of work. For 15-50 minutes of raw footage, it is a flat rate of $279, and 50 plus minutes is a flat rate of $559.


Replayed doesn’t advertise their extra features online, but they do offer:

  • stock footage and music
  • attention to detail and high quality edits

They also use AI and algorithms to match customers to an editor based on needs. 



  • Same day or next day delivery
  • Vertical reformats available
  • Offer short sample edit 


  • They don’t offer subscriptions or discounted bundles
  • Strict footage length limits
  • Expensive extras (multiple camera footage) 

 #6: Vimerse

Vimerse website homepage

Vimerse is new to the editing service field. They specialize in editing footage for content creators and their social platforms. Their portfolio is mostly made up of their work for YouTubers and TikTokers.


Vimerse is relatively on the cheaper side. Right off the bat, they offer a free video call where they can meet you and better understand your needs. Then, they offer a free trial where they offer a maximum video run time of 15 minutes, with one free thumbnail, and one round of revisions. 

Once you’ve decided to move forward with them, it is $13 per hour. This includes unlimited run time, unlimited b-roll, unlimited visual and sound effects, and revisions. 


The company offers features such as:

  • pro cuts and transitions
  • high quality royalty free music
  • Texts and subtitles
  • visual and sound effects
  • thumbnails



  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Free trial
  • Use Adobe Premiere


  • Small team - often fully booked 
  • Hourly pricing
  • Don’t produce wedding videos

 #7: CutYeti

CutYeti website homepage

Over at CutYeti, their biggest benefit is the fact that they have US-based editors. Hence, why they swear by high quality editing and personalization for customers. 


However, CutYeti is not cheap by all means. Their maximum video time is limited to 5 minutes, which cost $2397 per month with 4 simultaneous orders. For 3 minutes in length, it’s $1297 per month with 2 simultaneous orders. Lastly, for 2 minutes in length and 1 order at a time, it is $597 per month. 


The company offers:

  • royalty free music
  • premium cuts and transitions
  • stock footage
  • unlimited revisions 
  • royalty b-roll
  • logo animations



  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • No commitment, can cancel anytime
  • Stock footage included


  • Expensive given the limitations
  • Standard package videos are only 720p
  • 72 hour turnaround time in basic plan

#8: VidChops

VidChops website homepage

When using Vidchops, it feels like you’ve hired a video editor to your staff and that they’re not just an outsource. They take video editing seriously and get your edits done quickly and efficiently.


Vidchops pricing ranges from $325 to $995 per month for video editing and $225 to $595 per month for extra thumbnails and channel services. The company’s cheapest plan is called “Weekly Chops” and gives you 4 videos a month for up to 15 minutes long. 


The main feature that Vidchops has is called the “YouTuber Helper” and this a service that takes care of all your thumbnailing, tagging, description writing, and other YouTube needs. 



  • 1 day revisions
  • Resized videos included
  • Dedicated editor
  • Stock video and audio included


  • No online pricing
  • Only works on one video at a time
  • Limited revisions in “Weekly” plan
  • Thumbnails and channel services are different

Key Takeaways

Every video editing company that was just mentioned above, provide reliable services. Now that you know what to look for and have seen our recommended options, it’ll be easier to narrow them down to the perfect fit. 

Here at Spivo Video we guarantee you’ll love your video, or it’s free!

We want you to spend your time doing other things that you love, such as adventuring or being with loved ones. So don’t worry! We’ll take care of all your editing needs to ensure your satisfaction!

We get it, all companies say this about themselves… don’t take our word for it! Check out what we’re all about on our website, and on our social media!

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