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Top # Spivo Posts - January Edition

It is mid winter and at this point you’re either praying that snow continues for amazing spring skiing conditions or you are counting down the days until you can feel warmth provided by the sun... not 10 layers of clothing.

Parts of this world are experiencing insane amounts of snowfall and those who love to play in it couldn’t be happier. Others, as you’ll see in this post, took to down south to escape the white fluffy stuff.

No matter how you spend your winter, whether it be getting a tan, or losing one, there is always something fun to do.

These were our top 5 favourite posts using the hashtag #spivo created in the month of January.

Maybe you made this issue? Read to find out, and if you didn’t, get out with your Spivo Stick and show us why you deserve top 5 of February by using #spivo

#5) @austentanney: Has a healthy addiction to white powder!


Panorama Ski Resort Powder Snowboarding with Spivo Stick
When you live in British Columbia the whole province is a playground. From mountain biking to powder skiing there is no better place for a year round adrenaline junkie. This year it has been snowing... a lot! Can’t you tell by his face?

#4) @goldenriderbc: Does not need a chairlift.

Ave has been a phenomenal Spivo Stick user. As an avid back country snowboarder Ave always records the untracked hills that he climbs - we call it earning your turns. We love the fact that this clip is completely unedited showing that you do not need any fancy software magic to make your adventures worth watching.  

3) @kingproska & @markdefraine: And how the other half prefer to spend their winters.


These two Canadians decide to spend their winters in Turks and Caicos. After watching this video can you blame them? Smiles, tans, beaches, and blue waters; truly looks like paradise! Not too shabby.

2) @max_dion_: Decided to spend his winter in the Philippines swimming with the world’s largest sharks.

Did you know that whale sharks are technically the largest shark/fish in the world!? Yet these massive animals do not even have teeth, they simple filter feed tiny animals like a whale. Max got the lifetime experience of swimming with these gentle giants while they had lunch. Incredible stuff!

1) @itsmechand: He’s back... Yup Chand makes the list once again but can you blame us!?

Breathtaking view of the Philippines
Maybe because Valentine’s Day just passed by that this picture hit us in the feels but we were left amazed by such a dramatic photo. Chand is no stranger to the Top 5 posts but his work continues to be too captivating and breathtaking to not be highlighted.


Don’t forget, you can only make this list if you share your content using #spivo. We really want to see it!


Until next month :)

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Apr 26, 2017 • Posted by Edwin Hernandez

I can’t afford the spivo stick but if you send me one I will use it for my school projects and let everyone know about your great product. I promise. Thank you

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