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Travelling - Take your Spivo Stick with You!

Capture those special memories with Spivo Stick

So you bought a Spivo Stick because you you're embarking on a trip!

Maybe you're heading to a five star hotel in Miami, maybe you're heading to an infinite star campsite in British Columbia, either way you're a traveler and want to see the world.

Beachin' with the Spivo Stick in Miami


You believe that spending money on memories is better than spending money on things. Your suitcase has more air miles than some planes. Your passport looks like an art collage and the word "staycation" does not exist in your vocabulary. 

Everyone at Spivo Stick cherishes the joys of travel. From exploring our own country to see everyone else's we all have plans to see the world and without a doubt Spivo Stick had to be designed to be the best camera and GoPro stick for capturing memories while abroad and near.

Heading out on a trip soon and need some inspiration on what to do with your Spivo Stick?

Keep reading to see our favourite things to do!

Getting Wet

When you travel you are at the mercy of weather. Good thing Spivo Stick is entirely waterproof! 

Maybe you'll get caught in a downpour or maybe you'll take an impromptu swim; regardless of the reason you'll have no reason to not have your Spivo Stick to capture the memory. 

We believe that your gear should not restrain you from you activity and that's why Spivo Stick was designed to be the camera stick that you'll want to take everywhere... even 200ft underwater! 

Tip: Spivo Stick is waterproof, but your camera might not be! Be sure to read all manufacture labels regarding your camera before getting it wet. 

Did you know? Did you know that salt water is extremely hard on just about everything? If you use your Spivo Stick in salt or sandy water conditions make sure to rinse thoroughly with warm fresh water. If proper maintenance is not performed you may run the risk of jamming your Spivo Stick; but fear not! It is not broken, simply follow this tutorial to clean your Spivo Stick free of debris.

Getting the Shot!

Curious on how to get some truly breathtaking photos while traveling with your Spivo Stick?

We recommend that if you're using a GoPro or other action camera that is designed for video that you actually configure it to take photos. Why? Taking a screenshot of a video will not produce as high quality images as a designated photo.

Tip: Some of our customers, especially Chand Aditya, have learned to take a photo with their Spivo Stick in what can only be described as the anti-selife. By looking into the distance at your field of view and holding your Spivo Stick behind you, you will create an image that truly brings your audience along with you. Try it out yourself!

Andre taking the Anti-Selfie in Joffre Lakes

What size should I use? Since your arm acts a bit of a selfie stick already, you can attempt the anti-selfie with any length of Spivo Stick; however, for optimal results and a breathtaking backdrop we advise you to use the Long 26" Spivo Stick, which is what was used in the above picture.

Getting Epic Footage

You have the camera, probably a GoPro, you have the best camera stick, definitely a Spivo Stick, now all you need is to capture the footage. 

But unlike the man who thought he was filming his surroundings in Vegas but accidentally filmed his face, you want to show the world your perspective in the most captivating way possible.

How do you do it?

With Spivo Stick's action trigger, you have complete control of how you want to show the world your story. 

Try filming your surroundings then flipping the camera around to show ecstatic facial expression.

Another gorgeous way of filming with Spivo Stick is to stand in one location and slowly turn around in a 360. This will give you audience a mesmerizing panoramic experience; just be sure to look where you're standing!


By far the best way to edit your vacation footage is to utilize Spivo Stick's built in transition effect when spinning the camera. 

Every time you're at a new destination try spinning the camera at the end of a clip. When you go to edit the footage you can create a dramatic effect that looks like every time you hit the trigger you ended up at a new place.

If my words are not making any sense watch the video below to get a better understanding on how to execute this perfectly! 


Did you know that Spivo Stick works with way more than just GoPro?

Perhaps consider bringing the Phone Mount attachment with you so you can record Snapchats or smartphone videos. This makes a great alternative if your action camera batteries have die. 

Spivo Stick Phone Mount

Are you planning on going to the beach, float down a river, or even para-sail across the sea?  

If you plan on doing any water sports or adventures on your trip make sure to attach the Floaty to your Spivo Stick. This attachment will keep your investment and memories from sinking to the watery depths. 

Spivo Stick Flotay Attachment


What Size do I want?

The Medium Spivo Stick was designed to fit in a standard backpack making it the perfect travel companion for all of your filming and photo needs.

However, if you don't mind the added length of the Long Spivo Stick you will not be disappointed at the quality of your travel content. 

Still unsure about size?

Be sure to read our sizing guide here!


Thanks and have a safe and wonderful trip. Be sure to use #Spivo to show us your memories.

 Taylor in Cuba with her GoPro Spivo Stick


Aug 27, 2017 • Posted by Miguel Deleon

I am so happy with the purchase of the spivo it is easy and fun filming. Spivo go where other sticks can’t go the results are amazing. I highly recommend I enjoy filming with my Go Pro and I phone. Don’t wait get yours.

Nov 07, 2017 • Posted by Anna

Just receive my spivo stick, im really excited but i think i dont know how to mount it. Its not horizontally parallel. When i hit the trigger, my go pro loses a good grip

Nov 07, 2017 • Posted by Spivo

Hey Anna, I suspect you’re having issues mounting your camera. Please refer to these instructions:

We’re always available via chat, email or at 1-888-467-7486 if you need any other assistant :)

Team Spivo

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