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Watch Worthy of the Week

Welcome to the first installment of WWW (Watch Worth of the Week) where we compile the most noteworthy action sport and lifestyle videos of the week. Why do we do this? To save you time in having to find them yourself.

Don't you hate it when you watch a 5 minute video only to wish you had those 5 minutes back in your life? Let us make that sacrifice for you! 

It's Friday, lets face it, you deserve a break... your boss is probably taking one, possibly reading this very blog. 

The majority of this week's videos come from Redbull; are you surprised? We aren't. 

Kick your feet up and enjoy!


Cage diving with Great White Sharks would be a dream come true... unless the shark gets in the cage with you.

How did he get up there? Was that the line you expected he'd take to get down? Crazy!

Viral video of the week. Danny MacAskill absolutely kills it again. 

Time for a little carnage! Travis Rice just released one of the most anticipated snowboard movie ever. Everyone always talks about how pros make it look easy... well apparently it isn't always that way. 

Mad Mike and his rotary powered Mazda RX7 have become icons in the automotive industry. If you don't already know why, here is your chance to find out. 

Redbull Rampage returns! The most intense, most insane, and most captivating mountain bike contest is live today! This is simply a preview of the some of the course. We are certain WWW videos will be made from this year's event.  


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