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Water Sports - Take Your Spivo with You!


Taylor watching the Cuban sunset with her Spivo Stick

So you bought a Spivo Stick because you love to play in the water!

Maybe you wakeboard, snorkel, scuba dive, surf, swim, maybe you just enjoy dancing in the rain but either way you love the water. 

Getting wet does not scare you. You probably own more bathing-suits than actual suits. You are a water warrior!

Growing up in Canada, all of the founders at Spivo took advantage of the beautiful lakes our country had to offer; two of us are even PADI scuba certified. Without a doubt Spivo Stick was designed to be the best camera and GoPro stick for aquatic activities. 

Need some inspiration on what to do with your Spivo Stick in the water?

Keep reading to see our favourite things to do!

Scuba Diving

There is something absolutely magical about scuba diving. Breathing underwater allows you to temporarily experience, what feels like, another world. 

From corals to sea-turtles and sharks Spivo Stick has helped people in over 52 countries capture unforgettable experiences to show their land-lover friends. 

Since Spivo Stick is waterproof to over 200ft you can confidently be assured that it is the best camera stick to take diving especially with the waterproof GoPros.

What size should I use? The Medium Spivo is compact enough to stay out of the way of your BCD and other equipment. Using the wrist lanyard ensures your investment stays in place. 

Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

Okay so holding on to a handle with one hand is not for everyone but if you're up to it, you can get some amazing footage!

Amazing Race Canada's winner, Mickey, runs a wakeboard cable park where he rides doubles and uses his Spivo Stick to film the insane talent that comes through. 

Tip: We recommend using the Floaty to ensure your camera and Spivo Stick stays afloat if you take a big slam. 


Snorkeling with turtles captured using the Spivo Stick



Not for the faint of heart... or lungs, freediving is a sport of patience and poise. Holding your breath for as long as possible can bring you to some amazing depths. 

One our customers took to the Cayman Islands to freedive in caves. The footage is insanely clear! 

What size should I use? For snorkeling or freediving we highly recommend using the Long (26"). The Spivo Stick L-26"  creates immersive footage and allows you to get your device closer to wildlife without scaring or hurting them.

Tip: Try getting a wildlife selfie by reaching your GoPro past their face then hit the action trigger to rotate capturing yourself and your new friend in the scene. 


A personal favourite of Spivo team members, wakesurfing is one of the most relaxing and fun action sports out there. 

Get a group of friends, a hot sunny day, and some music and you're in for a wicked tan and a face sore from smiling. 

Not having to rely on Mother Nature to create waves, wakesurfing is a luxury afforded by innovation and engineering. 

Try passing your Spivo Stick back to a friend on the boat for some fun and creative footage!

 Tip: Just like wakeboarding, we recommend you use a Floaty. 

Beach Days

Spivo Stick in Miami at the Beach

You have a day off? May as well hit up a beach.

Play in the waves, go for a swim, make a sandcastle - whatever you do be sure to capture it on camera. 

Tip: When subjecting your Spivo Stick and camera salt water environments, make sure to rinse it out thoroughly with fresh water to ensure your Spivo Stick is ready for your next adventure. Operation in sandy environments might require a more thorough cleaning. Check out our cleaning tutorial here!


Want to wakeboard but don't have a boat? Just add wind!

Pro kiteboarder Jake Kelsick makes the sport look brutally fun with his Spivo Stick. Not too mention how gorgeous Antigua looks. 

Fun Fact: Kiteboarding can be done on water with a water specific board or on frozen lakes with snowboards!


Have some other watersports in mind that deserve Spivo shots? Let us know by using the hashtag #Spivo.

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