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What Cameras Will Work With Spivo Stick

Are you interested in purchasing a Spivo Stick but want to make sure your camera will integrate with it? 

Do you have a GoPro? Garmin? iPhone? How about a point and shoot digital camera?

The great news is Spivo Stick works with just about any light weight camera. When Spivo Stick was conceptualized we wanted to make sure everyone was invited to the party, however, we did know that a lot of our customers would be using GoPros and that is why every Spivo Stick comes with a free GoPro tripod mount.

Still unsure? Here's a list of some of the cameras that Spivo Stick is compatible with:

  • GoPro Hero + LCD and Hero, 3, 3+, 4, 5, and Session
  • Sony Action Cam, Mini
  • Garmin Virb X, XE
  • Contour +2
  • Roam 2, 3
  • iON Air Pro
  • Pro 2, Speed Pro, Pro Lie
  • WASPcam
  • Drift HD Ghost
  • Polaroid Cube
  • XS100i
  • Veho Muvi
  • TomTom Bandit
  • Nikon KeyMission

Is your camera not on the list? Shoot us an email at info@spivo.com and we will confirm if it will work with the camera pole you've been missing - The Spivo Stick!

But wait... these are just Action Cameras.

Of course we considered that not everyone has an Action Camera and thanks to the amazing cameras in our phones... some people will argue that there is no need.

But that does not mean there is no need for a Spivo Stick! Turn your amazing smarty-pants smartphone into a film studio by mounting it to the Spivo Stick with the Phone Mount.

The Spivo Stick is designed to mount all cameras, just like a universal tripod. The mounting screw is a standard 1/4"-20 size.

Do you have a point-and-shoot camera sitting around? There is a very good chance if you look underneath it you will see a thread. Well, that thread is what will connect it to your Spivo Stick! 

So as you can see, the Spivo Stick is incredibly versatile; just please do not try to connect your fathers VHS recorder.  


May 17, 2017 • Posted by Spivo

Hi Sanylyn,

Yes, the Olympus Tough Stylus is compatible with the Spivo Stick as you can attach it directly to the 1/4-20" tripod screw on the Spivo.


May 05, 2017 • Posted by Razel

What are the cameras or phone can be use with this spivo selfie stick? Thank u!

Apr 20, 2017 • Posted by Mildred

Will my Note 5 compatible with the phone mount??? I would like to order the phone mount if my note 5 will fit to it. Reply please thanks! God bless.

Mar 30, 2017 • Posted by Anthony Sanchez

Is it android compatible
S5 and up
Thank you

Mar 11, 2017 • Posted by Sanylyn

Is this compatible with my Olympus Tough Stylus Waterproof? I am very interested to purchase this Spivo stick. Looking forward to hear from you soon because I need it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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