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Travel Video Editing Service for Every Adventurer

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Basic Travel Video

$ 59 $120

  • 1-2 minute
    edited video

  • 10Gb upload
    20 clips max
  • Receive your video in 7 days
  • Get 1 free video revision

Every option includes:

  • Secure file transfer
  • Edited by Spivo professional video editors
  • Exciting story line edited to the beat of the music
  • 1 song from our awesome music selection
Secure Checkout Satisfaction Guaranteed
Real Human Service

Cinematic Travel Video

$ 299 $600

  • 3-8 minute
    edited video

  • 80Gb upload
    unlimitted clips
  • +60 second highlight version
  • Receive your video in 7 days
  • Get 1 free video revision

Everything in Hero +

  • Fully blended color correction
  • Cinematic transitions
  • Video stabilization
  • Ambient sound effects
Secure Checkout Satisfaction Guaranteed
Real Human Service

Adventurers love our travel video edits

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share or upload my videos?

Once you’ve selected your video option, we’ll email you a custom link where you can drag and drop your footage.

Can I include photos?

Yes, we can mix your favorite photos into the video (max 5 photos)

How long does it take to get my video?

Once you’ve uploaded your footage, we’ll deliver your video to your inbox within 7 days.

Can I add special requests or notes?

Yes! You can add special requests and notes on your upload page.

Do I need to use a GoPro or can I submit footage from my phone or other types of cameras?

We accept videos shot from any camera in all formats(DJI Osmo, GoPro knock offs, iPhones, Android phones, DSLRs, digital camera, etc..).

What if I don’t like the video?

It’s okay, we’re all human. We’ll work with you make sure you're happy!

Can I use my own song?

No, you will select a song from our library of awesome travel music. Copyrights prevent us from using pop songs.

Is it safe to share my footage with Spivo?

Your privacy is important to us and we don’t share any of your data.

What if I have too much footage?

No problem. We charge $1 for every gb above the maximum upload threshold. You’ll be billed separately after you upload all your footage.

Is the music royalty-free and okay to share on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, our entire music library is royalty-free so you can share it freely on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else.

How much footage should I give you?

To make the video to your liking, we recommend prescreening your videos and uploading only your best content.

Will my video be used for advertising?

No, your video is private and won’t be shared without your consent.

Can I upload 4K footage?

Yes, we accept all aspect ratios and video resolutions.

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