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The Spivo Story

Our mission is to help you capture and relive your experiences so you can inspire others to join you on your amazing adventures.

Spivo was founded on the love for travel and adventure. The founders, Andre Bellerive and Marc Bjerring, grew up riding BMX, freestyle skiing in Canada, and traveling to find new unique spots. As teenagers, they filmed their stunts and adventures to show their family and friends. Documenting and sharing their adventures was the easiest way to get others to join them.

Andre came up with the idea for the Spivo Stick while skiing, just after he missed a shot of Marc unexpectedly dropping off a cliff.

The idea was to create a product that allows people to easily capture any adventure from every angle. With the click of a button the Spivo Stick, now upgraded to the Spivo 360, swivels the camera or phone 180 degrees so you can capture those unpredictable moments with ease.

It didn't stop there, they realized people needed more than just gear to capture and share their memories, they needed help turning their thousands of photos and videos into epic video edits! Spivo Video was born.

Now they use all the knowledge they've accumulated over the years to help people create the travel video of their dreams.

From adventures, for adventures, Spivo helps bring out the storyteller in all of us. 

Happy adventures,

The Spivo Team