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What Travelers Are Saying

Sydney & Fabricio, Customers

"The best gopro accessory that I have ever used"

Taylor Sudderman, Brand Ambassador

"You can get two perspectives in one video, which is perfect for when I only have one moment to capture it."

Thomas Bouvier, Brand Ambassador

Trip to El Salvador With his Girlfriend, Andrea.

Ryan GreenSpan, Pro Paintballer

"Let me introduce you to the last Go-Pro pole thingy that you will ever need to buy! The Spivo Stick is not your run of the mill, "Go-Pole." What makes the Spivo stick unique and sets it apart from all the other standard issue Go-sticks out there is Spivo's ability to rotate the camera 180°!"

Jesse GoPro Guy


MicBergsma - The Ultimate GoPro Reviewer

"In this video I am reviewing the Spivo stick."

Alyssa Ramos - Waterslides and Cruises

"For all of you adventure junkies and video content creators, I have an awesome little secret for you! It's a camera accessory called a Spivo Stick that allows you to switch from "selfie-view" to point of view with the push of a button!"

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