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How to find out how much much content you have

Use this guide to determine how many gigabytes (gb) of content you have to choose a video edit package

The first thing to do is to find your memory card(s) and insert them into your computer. Depending on your computer and type of SD card, you may need an adapter to do this. Once inserted, navigate to the device and find the file folder where all your photos and videos are contained.

If you have multiple memory cards from multiple cameras, you’ll need to measure the amount of content on each card individually or drag all the files into one folder onto your computer to measure the total amount of content.

For Mac users:

Select the folder. Click “Get Info” to find out the amount of content in gigabytes (GB) that you have.

How to find out how much content you having using a Mac

For Windows users:

Place all your files within one folder. You can check the size of a single folder in two ways:

1. Place your cursor over the folder name. The tool tip will usually display the size of the folder.

2. With the folder selected, right-click on it and select Properties.

How to find out how much content you have for Windows users


Once you know the total amount of gigabytes (gb) you have, you'll be able to choose an appropriate video edit package.

Remember, we can easily mix both photos and videos for your edited video and both count towards to total amount allowable content per package.

Choose a video edit package

Still struggling to find how many gb's you have? Send us an email at and we'll help you out :)