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Spivo 360

Swivel Selfie Stick

Spivo 360 with a GoPro mount included

Mount for GoPro

Spivo 360 with a GoPro mount included Flip phonemount mounted on the Spivo 360 swivel selfie stick Buoy floatation device mounted on the Spivo 360 swivel selfie stick Wi-Fi remote for GoPro mounted on the Spivo 360 swivel selfie stick

Click the button to swivel your camera or smartphone 180° to easily capture every angle.

$ 60.00
$ 49.99

Trip Guarantee - Receive by with FedEx

5 Year Warranty

45 Day Money Back

Secure Payment

Add-Ons and accessories

FLIP Phonemount And Bluetooth Remote - More Info $24.99
BUOY Floatation Device - More Info $24.99
Wi-Fi Remote For GoPro and Spivo - More Info $49.99

Flip Phonemount

Mount any smartphone to the Spivo 360 and control it with the Bluetooth remote.

Buoy Floatation Device

Attach the Buoy to make your Spivo 360 and camera float.

Wi-Fi Remote For GoPro

Control the shutter of any GoPro camera while using the Spivo 360.

The New Spivo 360

Robust and refined, the Spivo 360’s new design features a stainless steel bearing which ensures you can consistently create smooth pictures and videos.

Watch The New Spivo 360 In Action

Any Camera | Any Adventure

All smartphones
FLIP phonemount required

All GoPro cameras
GoPro mount included

What's new on the Spivo 360

Upgraded from the original Spivo Stick

SMOOTH Improved swivel mechanism for smooth and stable footage
DURABLE Includes new sealed bearing for reliable swivel action in the toughest conditions including sand, snow and salt water.
EASIER 30% easier to click so you always get the right shot with ease

Spivo 360 specs

INCLUDED 1x Spivo 360 + 1x Travel Sleeve + 1x Mount for GoPro
WATERPROOF Up to 200 feet - Salt water friendly
LENGTH 20" long - the perfect travel size
WEIGHT 160g (0 lbs 5.6 oz)
WARRANTY 5 year warranty

Travelers all over the world love Spivo

  • You always regret missing the shot because it’s something to take back with you. The Spivo makes it’s easy because you can get two perspectives in one shot, which is perfect for when I only have one moment to capture it.

    @TaylorSudermannAdventurer and Skier - Canada

    Spivo 360 Swivel Selfie Stick GoPro Review by Casey Neistat
  • It was nice to have the Spivo when I was travelling in the Philippines so that I could capture myself and immediately capture what was in front of me, which was a massive manta ray!

    @Max_Dion_Travel Photographer - Canada

    Spivo 360 Review on Dragon's Den
  • It’s tough, it's durable, there’s nothing else like it out there on the market. The idea behind the Spivo is so simple, but the content and creativity you can get out of it is absolutely endless.

    @JessBowenn Traveler - Australia

    Spivo 360 Swivel Selfie Stick GoPro Mount Review by Mic Bergsma

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