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The Adventurist

4 Tips to Step Up Your Insta Stories Today

Have you ever wondered how your favourite accounts make such visually appealing Instagram stories?  When it comes to stories the...

Get The Best Shots On Your Adventures

Like any other adventure, we set out to get the best pictures and videos. This time we were exploring a...

Capture Epic Winter Sunrises On Your Phone

At 05:23AM we started our epic adventure to capture a winter sunrise using only our phones. The quality of pictures and...

5 Reasons to Scuba Dive on your Next Trip

We often daydream about a nice, relaxing beach vacation. Just imagine yourself lying on a beach on a warm sunny...

5 Ways to Start Traveling More Right Now

Scroll through Instagram, everyone seems to be traveling more than you. Somehow everyone you follow is finding a way to strike things off their bucket list. So how do they manage it?