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10 Versatile Ways to Improve Your Photos with a Tripod

A Tripod is arguably one of the most versatile camera accessories you can own. In this blog we'll talk about 10 different ways you can utilize a Tripod to improve your photography and videography on your adventures.

The product featured in this blog is the Flexible Tripod Grip by Spivo. This product is made for adventurers who want a simple, reliable, and highly adaptable camera accessory that will help elevate your photography to a new level. 

1. Quickly place it on any surface

Whether it’s a rock, table, ledge, stairs, car, etc…, it’s easy to place the tripod down on just about any surface. Simply extend the three legs from the resting position and place it down onto a surface. Set it up for a stable picture, or better yet, get yourself in the shot by doing a timed photo or using the Bluetooth Remote.

2. Wrapping it around branches, railings or chairs

The flexible legs allow you to attach your camera to any object. When hiking, attach it to a branch to get a cool perspective or wrap it on a patio railing when exploring an urban metropolis. Setting up for a family dinner photo? Get everyone in the picture by placing it on the back of a chair. 

3. Use it as a selfie stick

The Flexible Tripod Grip is 12” long so it can be used as a selfie stick to take selfies with a better perspective. The added length from the Tripod will make your photos or videos look like they were taken from further away which allows you to capture more of your body and the background for more realistic photos. For an even more immersive shot, use it with our industry-leading wide angle Travel Lens compatible with all phones.

4. Easily switch between landscape and portrait mode

The Spivo Tripod comes with a ball head mount which allows you to quickly switch between vertical and horizontal shooting orientations. Shoot in landscape mode to capture a wide countryside or switch to portrait mode for the perfect Instagram story or tall video. For tips and ideas to step up your IG stories, check out this guest blog post by Spivo Ambassador Taylor Sudermann written for The Adventurist.

5. Mount any phone, any GoPro or other cameras

Everything you need to mount different types of cameras is included with the Flexible Tripod Grip. You can quickly attach your phone by simply sliding it in the black phone mount. It's made from aircraft grade aluminum and uses strong springs to keep your phone secured at all times. 

You can also mount any camera using the ¼” standard tripod screw, which is found on the underside of virtually every point and shoot, mirrorless, or DSLR camera. Mount your camera onto the Tripod by screwing it clockwise on the 1/4" screw until the camera rests against the thumb screw disk.

For GoPro and action camera users, everything you need is included (a GoPro to tripod mount, and a GoPro screw). All GoPro models are compatible, including the new GoPro HERO7 (find out why we love it here) and GoPro Fusion 360 camera.

6. Use it as a hand grip for hard to reach areas

The Tripod can also be used as a steady grip to capture unique or hard to reach pictures. Who wants their phone to slip out of their hands? In the picture above, the Tripod was used to safely hold the camera while leaning over a railing to capture a picture without the observatory deck in the shot. Play around with the position of the legs if you need to get the camera even further away.

7. Keep your camera steady for long exposures pictures

Long exposure pictures are a cool way of capturing movement in photos. To take long exposure photos you need your camera to be completely still as the camera shutter will be open for much longer than a normal picture. To keep the camera perfectly steady for this type of photo, a tripod is always required and will ensure you capture a perfect motion blur with a crisp, sharp looking background.

One of our customers @leoduque found a neat iPhone hack using LivePhotos. After you’ve taken a Live Photo on your iPhone, open the picture in the Photos app, swipe up on the photo, and find the “Long Exposure” option under the “Effects” header.

@Leo_duque took this photo using the Tripod and wide angle Travel Lens on his iPhone.

8. Make smooth time-lapse and slow-mo videos

The key to getting breathtaking time-lapse and slow-mo videos is to keep the shot as consistent and smooth as possible to avoid any distractions or imperfections. Often times, this means placing your camera on a tripod to eliminate camera shake and undesired movements. With your camera on a Tripod, you’ll ensure you get silky smooth time-lapses and polished slow-mo videos.


9. Level your camera with ease

The ball head on the Tripod makes it easy to adjust the angle of your camera to any desired position. Making small changes to the camera angle is fast so you can get a flawlessly framed shot with a level horizon every time. 

10. Hands-free photo and video taking

Let’s face it, shooting outdoors isn’t glamorous, especially when it’s cold out. Using a tripod in cold conditions is great because you can put your hands in your pockets or throw on some gloves and leave your camera in place ready to shoot at a moments notice. If you need to step away, or quickly grab a drink, you can rest at ease knowing your camera is safely mounted and already in position.

Photography is about being curious, creative and resourceful. We think the Flexible Tripod Grip is an essential addition to photographers looking for the best bang-for-buck accessory, in terms of quality, usefulness, and versatility.

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Happy adventures!


Oct 30, 2018 • Posted by Marvin

Can I use this tripod with my gopro 7

Oct 31, 2018 • Posted by Mecksavanh Xayasouk

What else is included with this product and how much?

May 07, 2019 • Posted by Spivo

Hey Marvin, yes you can use your GoPro 7 or any other GoPro camera on the Spivo Flexible Tripod. It includes everything you need. – Andre

May 07, 2019 • Posted by Spivo

Hey Mecksavanh, the Spivo Flexible Tripod includes an aluminum phone mount, GoPro adapter, GoPro screw, and a locking ball head. – Andre

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