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8 Best Video Editing Software for Microsoft Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro Software

Why is Video Editing Significant?

With the rise of social networking sites such as Instagram (reels), TikTok, and Youtube videos, video-based content has stepped in the spotlight, launching video editing to new heights of popularity in recent years.

User across all these platforms aspire to constantly share captivating videos, making the need for the right editing tools important.

To be able to edit video is essential skill to have. Video editing such as blending images, video clips, and sound, is the way to make an audience feel emotionally connected to your content.

This blog will introduce paid and free video editing software to help you master the art of video editing and crafting compelling videos.

Apple or Windows?

Apple Logo versus Windows Logo

Windows PC has dominated as the preferred choice for video editors. With Apple Mac emerging as a preferred platform for both creative professionals and beginners in the realm of video editing, one shall not forget that there are still many Window users among us and this version of system software is still widely favoured.

As a result, there is now an abundance of impressive video editing software tailored specifically Windows audience, catering to various skill levels and project requirements. Now, the next step is selecting the one that best suits your needs.

It's important to understand that video editing software and programs vary in terms of cost and capabilities. Just because a platform is more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it offers all the features you need or want.

Keep reading if you're uncertain about which program to choose and explore the best video editing software for Windows!

Our team of professional video editors has compiled a list of the top eight best video editing software! And if downloading software on your laptop or desktop isn't your preference, don't worry—read on to discover a favoured browser-based editing program.

If you're a macOS user, we wrote a blog for video editing software strictly available for Apple devices

Not sure if a software is right for you?! Spivo can edit your video instead! 

Learn more about our Video Editing Service

Adobe Premiere Pro - Best for Industry Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro Logo

Recognized as one of the top-notch professional video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro has an highly perceived reputation in the video editing industry.

While Premiere Pro is used on Apple products, it's programming tools and editing tools operate at it's full potential on Windows devices, making the Creative Cloud apps the most compatible and effective choice.

The latest updates to the app have further optimized the workflow, delivering seamless movie-making and editing experiences.

For those who seek a simpler video editing solution, Adobe offers "Adobe Premiere Elements," a user-friendly platform that covers all the essential basics, from trimming and adding effects to transitions and titles.


Adobe Premiere Pro is exclusively available through a subscription model. However, users can opt for a free trial lasting seven days, but if they wish to continue using the software beyond the trial period, a monthly subscription fee of US$20.99 for individuals is required.

Alternatively, there's the option to purchase the "Creative Cloud All Apps" subscription, which provides access not only to Premiere Pro but also to a suite of other apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign, and more.

The monthly cost for the "Creative Cloud All Apps" subscription starts at US$54.99, with varying packages catering to different user groups, such as personal, students and teachers, teams and businesses, as well as schools and universities.

The key consideration then becomes whether investing in Premiere Pro is worthwhile. For your decision-making process, it's worth noting that here at Spivo, all of our editors rely on Premiere Pro to enhance your videos!


  • Clear and flexible

  • Colour correcting effects

  • Responsive speed

  • Stabilization tool

  • Audio editing

  • Synchronized editing 


  • Can be intimidating

  • No sound effect samples included

  • Subscription-based

  • Requires a strong computer system (specs) 

Want to see how Premiere Pro would make your final video look? We use this video editing software on all video edits!

Let us edit your adventure videos... Check out our Video Editing Service 

OpenShot (Free Video Editing App) - Best for Beginners

Open Shot Editor Logo

OpenShot, a secure and cost-free software, is readily available for download on their official website. The site also provides helpful tutorials and installation guides for users.

OpenShot's user-friendly interface makes it particularly suitable for beginners, offering a straightforward editing experience.

However, don't be fooled by its simplicity; this software has the capability to edit and produce videos of high quality, effectively.

In recognition of its excellence, OpenShot was honored with the prestigious "Top 20 - Most Popular" award by SaaSworthy in 2021. SaaSworthy evaluates products based on comprehensive product information to identify the most deserving platforms. 


  • Step-by-step instruction

  • Supports 360p to 4k HD video output

  • Drag and drop feature - fast editing

  • 50+ effects 

  • No watermarks 

  • Free download


  • Download package is large - takes time

  • Application sometimes crashes

  • Lacks basic editing features

DaVinci Resolve - Best for Experts

DaVinci Resolve Logo

DaVinci Resolve is an application software for video editing that offers high-end features used by professional editors. However, it does has a massive learning curve, that sometimes even advanced users initially struggle with.

It is a clean, intuitive video editing software for PC offers more advanced features for colour and audio tools. For example, the program’s detailed AI colour matching not only allows you to adjust skin tones, but also eye colour. Its audio tools production also matches professional audio editing software. 


DaVinci Resolve video editor is free to download, but it's branch called "DaVinci Resolve Studio" is available to download for US $295.

The paid studio version is well worth the price. It adds similar video editing functionality to Adobe Premiere Pro which would cost you way more, and you’d still be paying the original cost of the program on top.

Resolve costs around the same as a year’s subscription to Premiere but it’s yours forever, including free future upgrades.


  • Color Grading

  • Color Correction tools/user interface

  • Easy editing

  • VFX Integration

  • Dolby Vision


  • No free trial

  • Learning curve for newcomers

  • A lot of customization that can be disorienting for first-time video editors

Windows Movie Maker (Free System Software) - Best for Absolute Basics 

Windows PC Movie Maker Logo

If we're comparing to a video editing software such as Apple's iMovie, the Windows version is Movie Maker.

It is an integrated and free software available on the desktop platform. While some may perceive it as outdated, it has undergone significant improvements since its initial release and its newest version has new features.

Movie Maker offers a user-friendly experience, making it simple for beginners to navigate and utilize effectively.

Users have the freedom to enhance their video content with diverse backgrounds, music, captivating titles, and seamless transitions.

It's essential to acknowledge that, although Movie Maker serves as Windows' counterpart to iMovie, it does come with certain limitations in terms of capabilities.

Nevertheless, its user-friendly nature makes it an excellent starting point for those new to video editing.


  • Trim clips

  • Video playback view

  • Slow motion editing 

  • Edit and capture feed directly for the PC camera

  • Audio feature such as voiceovers


  • Windows 10 no longer supports Movie Maker

  • Limited Capabilities

  • Easy to miss if you don’t know where to find it

  • No colour corrections

PowerDirector 365 (Paid) - Best for Beginners

Power Director Logo

CyberLink's PowerDirector 365 is one of the best video editing software that seamlessly bridges the gap between professional-grade video editing and beginner video editor simplicity.

PowerDirector is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11, and while it can now be used with Apple devices, the program continues to perform at its best on Windows platforms and the software quality remains impeccable.


PowerDirector offers a 30-day trial with brand watermarks and no 4K support. The video editor comes in two editions with lifetime licenses: Ultra at US$99.99 and Ultimate at US$139.99, often discounted.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Director Suite, combining PowerDirector with ColourDirector, AudioDirector, and PhotoDirector, available as a subscription for US$29.99 per month or US$129.99 per year.

PowerDirector 365 (the version tested here) is available as a subscription for US$69.99 per year or US$19.99 per month, often discounted. Both subscriptions include regular updates, new effects, plug-ins, music samples, and stock media. Please note that the subscription is the sole option for PowerDirector on Mac, not Windows.


  • Motion tracking

  • Supports 4K and 3D

  • Encoding and exporting

  • Fastest rendering

  • Lots of effects


  • Upside-down default timeline 

  • Can be intimidating 

Wondershare Filmora (Paid) - Best for Editors with Experience 

Wondershare Filmora Logo

The beauty of Wondershare Filmora lies in its universal appeal! It caters to a wide range of video editors, from beginners eager to learn video editing to more experienced individuals seeking advanced consumer software.

Filmora strikes the perfect balance, offering both simplicity for those new to editing software and capabilities to satisfy the demands of expert users. This versatility truly makes it the best of both worlds, accommodating all levels of ability.

While many programs claim to be suitable for all skill levels, Wondershare Filmora truly lives up to this claim. Its user-friendly interface empowers individuals to create without the need for constant googling of guides or "how-to" videos. It's a software that speaks volumes about its accessibility and ease of use!


Filmora offers a free trial download which allows one to export only 10 times and adds a watermark to all projects.

When you're ready to pay, Filmora offers an annual plan priced at US$49.99 per year which includes advanced technology support, one year of updates, unlimited assets to download and preview, and again, no watermarks on all your videos.

On the other hand, the Perpetual plan costs US$79.99 as a single payment, granting users with a lifetime access to Filmora X along with all the advanced tools and features offered in the Annual plan.


  • Inexpensive

  • Good title and text tools

  • High quality effects and transitions


  • Extra downloads

  • Few interface customization options

  • Occasional crashes 

Magix Movie Studio - (Paid) - Best for Intermediate Editors

Magix Movie Studio Logo

Magix is a well-known company that has been creating audiovisual media software for over 20 years. When it comes to their video editing software called Movie Studio, it falls behind competitors like Adobe and CyberLink in terms of ease of use and stability. That said, the latest version of Movie Studio shows improved performance in rendering videos.

In the 2023 edition, Magix has added software development such as new features including the ability to search and favourite effects and templates, and support for Intel graphics hardware acceleration.

Overall, Movie Studio has a range of features, including editing 360-degree VR footage, stabilization, motion tracking, action-cam templates, beat-based editing, and access to an in-app plug-in store.


Magix offers its consumer video editing software at three levels: the standard Movie Studio (listed at US$69.99), Movie Studio Platinum (listed at US$99.99), and Movie Studio Suite (reviewed version, listed at US$129). While these are the official list prices, they are frequently subject to significant discounts.

Additionally, all three versions are available as subscriptions with a 12-month commitment, priced at US$2.99, US$3.99, and US$4.99 per month, respectively.

However, if you want the option of not committing to a year-long subscription, Movie Studio can be obtained for US$7.99 per month, and Platinum for US$9.99 per month.


  • Lots of video effects

  • Responsive editing interface

  • Good titling features

  • Movie templates

  • Audio editing


  • Occasional program shutdowns

  • Not much help with difficult procedures

  • Lacks strong import tools

  • Lacks organization tools

Movie Maker Online (Free Video Editing Software) - Best if You Don't Want to Download

Browser Based Editing

Browser-based professional editing

Let's be honest, sometimes having to download something to our computers can be a pain. The time could take up to hours! Fear no more, because Movie Maker Online is a browser-based video editing program that easily allows anyone to edit content for free.

It represents a cost-effective option for individuals who want to create videos but without the hassle of downloading large software files. 

As an online video editor, the site program offers a decent range of effects and features that are bound to satisfy hobbyists' needs. 


  • Completely free

  • Free photo, video, and effects upload

  • Built-in guides

  • Colour editing

  • Trimming 


  • Ads

  • Confusing 

  • Lacks sophisticated effects

Key Takeaways

Creator is brainstorming and editing

In today's digital age, the world of video editing is at your fingertips. There are many options of video editing software and programs, for any computer type, to choose from.

The diversity doesn't end there—these offerings cater to individuals of varying skill levels, from beginners taking their first steps to expert professionals sharpening their creatives.

Unleash your video editing creativity and play around with different software. Choosing the best fit often comes from trial and error, so utilize free trials and free video editing apps.

While video editing can present challenges, embrace the learning curve, and see it as a path to growth and self-improvement.

Above all, have fun editing your video projects and turn your personal computers into creative atmospheres!

What If I Don't Want to Edit Videos Myself?

On the contrary, if editing video is not for you, then Spivo Video is the right alternative for you!

If you're still wanting to edit your memories, our professional video editors will create cinematic masterpieces of your wild adventures.

Earlier we recognized that Adobe is one of the top-notch professional video editing software development. Lucky for you, if you choose to put your trust into our editors (which you totally should), your satisfaction is guaranteed because they use all of the premiere elements that are offered.

From curated titles, transitions, effects, trimming and cutting, song options, and much more!

We take your raw footage and leave you stress-free and excited instead! When you receive a quote and buy an edit, there is a dropbox where you can just throw your content files into and forget about it! 

Make sure to visit it us on Instagram or TikTok to see examples of other customer videos!

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