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Best Video Editing Companies: Most Professional Agencies Ranked

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Video editing company is composed of a dedicated team who are skilled in using editing software to transform raw footage into refined final videos.

Experienced editors offer creativity to elevate visuals, storytelling, and quality. They manage tasks like trimming, rearranging, adding effects, transitions, color adjustments, and optimizing audio.

A video editing service offer a convenient solution for individuals and businesses, saving time, effort, and stress.

Whether you're a content creator, filmmaker, or an adventure enthusiast, tailored services are available to fulfill your needs across various industries, making video editing accessible and effective for diverse requirements.

Why are Video Editing Companies Needed and Wanted?

Want someone to edit for you? You've come to the right place.

Editing videos is not only time consuming, but it is also overwhelming and difficult as a first time video editor.

Outsourcing video editing offers numerous advantages, with the most significant being quality and time savings.

An outsource video editing service is where quality plays a pivotal role in ensuring both your satisfaction and audience engagement. Expert video editors excel at creating top-notch content, even if your original footage falls short of quality standards.

For those juggling work commitments or seeking more family time, video editing can be a drain on precious free moments. Editing a few minutes of footage can consume 30 minutes to an hour, excluding time spent sorting content and mastering software.

Expert editors operate efficiently under tight schedules, ensuring swift and polished outcomes. Their ability to manage deadlines ensures both speed and excellence in the final output.

In this blog, we'll look at not only affordable video editing services, but the best video editing services.

What to Look for When Choosing a Company

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Selecting a video editing company takes time. The intimacy of entrusting cherished memories to a strangers and their skills can be scary. You'll want to feel confident in your choice.

Vital factors to consider are pricing, work quality, features, software and customer feedback. Begin by assessing the company's features against your needs, such as free music, intros, outros, and subtitles. Review work quality through client reviews and portfolios.

Reputable services guarantee high-resolution videos, clear audio, colour correction, smooth transitions, and polished intros/outros.

Know that free revisions ensure contentment and finer details like timing, revisions, and upload specifications are important. Consider factors like footage size and type, revision quantity and costs, and draft delivery speed.

Some companies ensure "unlimited revisions" with time constraints. Others impose limits on footage and final video length. Understanding varied offers and restrictions will allow for an effective comparison.

More Things to Know Before Hiring a Video Editing Company:

How Much Does it Cost to Edit a Video?

Editing prices typically range from $75 to $140 per hour for a standard video. Variations occur based on client needs.

Is Video Editing in Demand?

The simple answer is yes.

YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, Vimeo and more are all competitive platforms with millions of users.

Did you know that YouTube receives about 400 hours of video uploads per second. However, without a doubt this number will surge due to escalating video demand on social media platforms.

To ensure your video's quality and dimensions align with YouTube and other video platforms, engaging a video editing company.

How Can the Task be Done Efficiently?

Video editing services offer trimming, rearranging clips, transitions, and effects. Videos' importance in video marketing drives demand for skilled video editing companies.

Visuals convey messages, yield for clicks and views. Quality video editors are consistently sought.

The task of editing can be done efficiently by securing a capable video editing company.

Random choices won't work in your favour so ensure the chosen company has skilled and creative personnel who can translate your ideas into engaging videos.

Spivo Video

Spivo website homepage

The best video editing service is Spivo Video. They that takes pride in delivering top-notch videos crafted by detail-oriented professional editors.

While their specialty is travel videos, they also edit pretty much any other subject such as videos for business, wedding video editing, promotional videos, even real estate video, if that's what you're looking for! Their editors are also expertise in wedding videos which are in such popular demand.

Spivo is an editing service that has many unique characteristics. For instance, you can upload HD/4K raw footage and photos for editing, and you can choose from royalty-free music options or provide your own to go along with your video.

More than that, their editors are experts in colour correction and grading, animation and graphics, and they specialize in intros and outros.

Notably, Spivo uses Adobe Premiere Pro as their choice of video editing software to edit videos.

Pricing starts at $149 per video, adjusting based on your custom requirements. If you're a repeated customer, you can also choose your editor.

Spivo is thinking of you when they frequently offer discounts and bundles as well as offer Reel/TikTok editing packs.

At Spivo, you're given unlimited revisions for 30 days once you've received your video, which FYI has a 7-day turnaround time and is compensated by high quality.

Once you place your video edit order, you'll also have access to order status tracking and in the end, your final project file is provided.


Fiverr website homepage

Fiverr, an online marketplace, connects freelancers offering various digital services with clients. On top of offering video editing services, Fiverr offers services in graphic design, writing, digital marketing, and video animation too.

Customers can explore profiles of numerous video editors on Fiverr, reviewing portfolios and selecting based on their needs and budget.

Fiverr operates on a freelance basis, where rates vary and freelancers often provide different packages. For instance, a YouTube-focused editor's Basic Package starts at $14.03, covering colour grading, sound design, motion graphics, and more, with three delivery options.

On the other hand, a wedding video-focused editor's Basic Package begins at $280.65, including highlight videos with speeches, stabilization, and colour grading. Standard and Premium packages offer additional features.

Fiverr's video editing service allows customers to choose based on style, expertise, and experience.

Specialized categories encompass trimming, effects, colour correction, audio enhancement, and subtitles.

Revisions are optional and offer an opportunity for feedback and changes, depending on the freelancer's choice. Additionally, Fiverr provides AI editing, offering a range of benefits for tailored video enhancement.

Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits website homepage

Tasty Edits provides various services, with video editing services being one of them. Their pricing is adaptable, charging per video and offering separate plans for horizontal and vertical formats.

For a single horizontal video creation, it's $240, 4 videos cost $215, and 8 videos cost $190. Their basic vertical video subscriptions begin at $40 per video.

Tasty Edits features unlimited animation, motion graphics, music, sound effects, colour correction, audio enhancement, and their custom-coded Video Order Management Application (VOMA).

The company prides itself on promptness and efficiency, promising a 24-hour turnaround for revision requests and a 48-hour turnaround time for the initial draft of your video.

They also specialize in thumbnail creation, and vertical videos, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for people who create videos, specifically social media videos.

Video Husky

Video Husky website homepage

Video Husky is one of the best video editing services as it has supported around 812 video creators in editing approximately 16,043 videos, priding themselves on their user-friendly approach.

In terms of pricing, they provides diverse options, with the Pom and Eskimo plans being the most popular.

The "Pom Plan" starts at $549 monthly, offering up to 1080p resolution, limitless revisions, and more. The "Eskimo Plan" is priced at $749 per month, including 4k resolution, color grading, premium stock music, and more.

Features vary based on chosen plans, encompassing max raw footage sizes, colour correction, animation/graphic templates, and more.

The only thing is that they don't edit wedding videos and are limited to editing one video at a time only on the weekdays. They also restrict stock assets such as stock footage.


Vimerse website homepage

Haven't heard of Vimerse? Probably because it is a newcomer in the editing service realm. Don't get it twisted though, they specializing in enhancing content for creators and create high quality videos. Their portfolio predominantly showcases collaborations with those who have a YouTube channel and TikTok accounts.

In terms of pricing, Vimerse stands as a cost-effective choice. They initiate with a complimentary video call to grasp your requirements, followed by a free trial allowing up to 15 minutes of video runtime, one free thumbnail, and a revision round.

Subsequently, their rate is $13 per hour, encompassing unlimited runtime, b-roll, visual and sound effects, and revisions.

Highlighted features comprise professional cuts, transitions, high-quality, text, subtitles, visual and sound effects, and thumbnails.

More than this, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee and a free trial option but have a small video editor team and are frequently fully booked

Edit Crew

Edit Crew website homepage

Edit Crew is a team of proficient editors who create professional quality videos and they emphasize timely communication throughout the workday.

In terms of pricing, they lean toward the higher end but prioritize a valuable final product. Edit Crew offers fractional editing via two plans:

The "Essentials" at $1,500 monthly for a 15 hrs/week part-time editor, recommended for consistent edits. Moreover, the "Pro" plan starts at $2,450 monthly for a 40 hrs/week full-time editor, ideal for fast-paced projects. Both plans are flexible for pausing or canceling.

Edit Crew's offerings encompass unlimited runtime, licensed music and footage, English and Spanish creatives, stock clips, and revisions.

They deliver drafts within 1-2 business days, provide revisions within 24 hours, but don't offer wedding video services.


VidChops website homepage

With Vidchops, you'll experience the sensation of having a dedicated editor as a part of your team. Their commitment to professional videos and efficient, high-quality video editing is evident.

In terms of pricing, Vidchops offers plans ranging from $325 to $995 per month for video editing, and $225 to $595 per month for additional thumbnails and channel services. Their entry-level plan, "Weekly Chops," provides 4 videos a month, each up to 15 minutes long.

A key highlight is their "YouTuber Helper" feature, addressing thumb nailing, tagging, description writing, and other YouTube necessities. They also allow 1-day revisions.


CutYeti website homepage

At CutYeti, they are a US-based video editing agency, and incredible videos and personalized service for clients.

Regarding pricing, CutYeti's services are premium. For a maximum video duration of 5 minutes, the cost is $2397 per month with 4 concurrent orders. For 3 minutes, it's $1297 per month with 2 simultaneous orders. A 2-minute video, one order at a time, is priced at $597 per month.

The company's offers many music options such as background music, edit raw video, premium cuts, transitions, audio editing, stock footage, unlimited revisions, color correction, b-roll, and logo animations. They edit music video, corporate videos, online course videos, training videos, and more!

They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, flexible commitment with the ability to cancel anytime.

Key Takeaways

Table Summary of All Options

Every video editing company that is listed in this blog has provided features for a reliable video editing service.

That said, now that you know what to look for and have been given options, it’ll be easier to narrow it down to the perfect fit. 

Don't look too far though because at Spivo Video we guarantee you’ll love your video, or it’s free!

We want you to spend your time doing other things that you love. Leave it to us, because we’ll take care of all your editing needs to ensure your satisfaction!

We get it, all companies say this about themselves… but we truly create amazing videos.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out what we’re all about on our website, and on our social media!

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