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The Best Selfie Stick For Exploring New Places

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Swivel Selfie Stick

Make your videos exciting by capturing every spontaneous moment.

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Capture better with the Spivo 360 for GoPro and phones

How the Spivo 360 works

Spivo 360
For GoPro

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How the Spivo 360 works

Spivo 360 Bundle
For GoPro & phones

For Phones & GoPro

Make your next travel video awesome

Thousands of
new adventurers
living their best life

  • Making the most of our last day in paradise and bringing home memories that will last forever!
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    Spivo 360 Swivel Selfie Stick GoPro Review by Casey Neistat
  • The Spivo Stick made getting pictures and videos so easy on our Utah backpacking trip!
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    Spivo 360 Review on Dragon's Den
  • Capturing a photo with those gentle giants is definitely a highlight in my life!
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    Spivo 360 Swivel Selfie Stick GoPro Mount Review by Mic Bergsma

Our Story

Growing up as daring adventurers,

we saw many of our friends lose their sense of curiosity and adventure due to responsibilities and time crushing routines.

We set out to help them

make the most of their limited free time by offering them gear and tips to take better photos and videos.

What happened next was awesome.

The promise of creating better memories brought back their adventurous spirit and rewarded them with more exciting stories to share.
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But there was still a huge problem!

Camera gear wasn’t enough, we needed to help them create their videos too!

Enter our full Video Editing Service!

Now many years later we focus on helping adventurers and travelers create video memories that they can share and cherish forever.

Spivo will continue

To inspire and bring to life the adventurer inside all of us wherever life takes us.

Make your video memories

Ready to be adventurous?

You've wandered all the way down here. It's time to meet the Spivo 360.

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