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Welcome to the Spivo Home Page!

Spivo designs and creates innovative products for camera users of all kinds. Aimed at the action sports industry, Spivo offers users a new kind of filming experience. Stemming from a University project, Andre Bellerive and Marc Bjerring, the Co-Founders, are Mechanical Engineering graduates with a passion for action sports. Spivo stick’s products are sold globally via our online store to enthusiasts who use digitals cameras (action sports, point and shoot, phones). The company has produced and tested a ridiculous amount of working prototypes with our in-house 3D printer. The Spivo Stick, our flagship product, is currently patent pending.

Spivo Stick is the Ultimate Camera Mount For Your GoPro, iPhone, and Sony Action Cam

Spivo’s vision is to develop products that allow users to capture their experiences in ways that we’re never before possible. Third party camera accessory companies are lacking in quality and innovation. Currently, most accessories are static in nature and lack the ability to capture dynamic footage. The problem is that its currently to difficult to change the field of view of the camera while performing activities. Some technology does exist, however, they are intended to be used by professional filmmakers and are unusable by the average enthusiast due to cost, size, weight and complexity. The Spivo solves all those problems

The Spivo is a camera support pole which allows users to change the field of view of their camera with the press of a button. When held in the users hands, it allow them to switch between filming themselves or their surroundings by pressing a button with their thumb. It is a rugged device, which is designed to be used in all environments, such as, skiing, surfing, scuba diving, skateboarding or skydiving. Fabricated from the highest quality materials, it is engineered to be reliable, lightweight and affordable.

The Spivo Stick Creates a Scene Transition When Switching the Field of View

The Spivo offers a new fun and interacting way of filming. Finally, the user is able to fully control what is filmed easily and intuitively without the need of buying additional cameras. Currently, users are stuck filming one point of view, which can quickly become uninteresting. This often means users are setting up multiple cameras to fully capture their experience. The new perspective offered by the Spivo stick, requires minimal post processing and editing as only one camera is needed. 

This was the day it all started..

Spivo Founder's hard at work

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