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GoPro Remote: Should You Buy It? 7 ways to use this GoPro Accessory

One of the most popular GoPro accessories out there is a GoPro remote. In short, the remote lets you control the shutter of the camera remotely using a Wi-Fi signal.

GoPro remotes can save you a lot of time and can definitely increase the functionality of your GoPro. Yet, you’re probably still wondering if it’s worth it or not, so in this article well talk about the pros and cons to help you make that decision.

But first, how does it work?

A GoPro remote is connected to a GoPro camera using a wireless signal called WiFi. While you obviously know what a WiFi signal is, it’s one of the most confusing aspects when looking to purchase a remote for your GoPro camera

Do you need to have WiFi internet to operate the remote?

The answer is NO! You don’t need to have a traditional WiFi (internet) signal to operate a GoPro remote. Most GoPro cameras have the ability to produce a WiFi signal on demand, and you’ll use this signal to connect to the camera.

Okay, now that that is out of the way. We can go over the 7 ways we’ve used GoPro remotes throughout our travels and adventures. While you read them over, ask yourself if you could see yourself using one like this.

1 - Set the camera up in an obscure or hard to reach locations

Place Your GoPro In Obscure Locations and Use the Remote - Photo by Engadget

For example, you might want to set up your GoPro up on a ledge before a parade or race goes by to get a sweet angle that wouldn’t be possible during the event. This way, you can setup up your GoPro camera, and then wait for an opportune moment to action the shutter for a photo or video.

2 - Using it on a selfie stick to take a selfie or start a video

This is one of the most common uses of GoPro Remotes with the Spivo 360 swivel selfie stick. Simply press the shutter button to take as many selfies as you’d like while you stick your arm out to get the best perspective with a selfie stick.

3 - Get yourself in a group shot

Set your GoPro up on our Flexible Tripod then walk over to get yourself into the group. Since you’ve got the remote in your hand, you’ll be able to take as many funky photos as you want!

4 - Getting a perfectly timed photo

Set your camera up on a surface or using a tripod and use the remote to activate the shutter at the perfect moment, like in this jumping photo.

5 - Save your batteries and memory cards

A remote gives the ability to be more selective with your content. It’s common to simply let your video run long to “capture more” or to put your GoPro on burst mode to take photos. Often times you’ll end up with a super long video clip with only a tiny bit of action, or a million photos with only a few good ones. This ends up chewing up your battery life and filling up your memory card. Instead, use a GoPro remote only when the shot is perfect.

6 - Improved night photography capabilities

It’s well known night photography is challenging with almost any camera. To get the best result, you’ll need to place your GoPro on a fixed surface or use a tripod like the Flexible Tripod Grip to keep it as steady as possible. However, pressing the shutter disturbs the camera a noticeable amount and will degrade the image quality. As such, operating the camera remotely is a great way to make sure your camera remains as steady as possible. Furthermore, remotes are often used when doing light painting (long exposure photos where you use a light to paint words or symbols in the image).

7 - Customize your remote to your preferred settings

**Little known hack**

You can actually customize certain GoPro remotes, like the Remote for GoPro by Spivo. The remote features a star button that is programmable to any setting you like. For example, if you like shooting timelapses, you can program the star button to automatically switch the camera to the timelapse mode when pressed. It’s a pretty cool option that not many people end up utilizing. If you want to find out more about how to customize the star button, you can read about it here.

Can you see yourself using a GoPro Remote in any of these 7 ways?

While there any many benefits to owning a GoPro remote, it would be foolish to say there are no cons either.

Here are some of the cons we’ve experienced:

1 - It’s one more thing to carry around and re-charge

2 - Unable to use it while underwater (they are waterproof, but the WiFi signal doesn’t work underwater)

3 - You can control most GoPro’s using your phone or voice command (on some models)

4 - Having the WiFi turned on drains your GoPro battery faster

With that in mind, could you see yourself benefitting from the added functionality of being able to action your GoPro shutter remotely?

Overall, a GoPro remote enables you to save time and it helps you capture unique perspectives that would be challenging without one.

If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider purchasing our Remote for GoPro cameras.

Shop Remote For GoPro

The Spivo Remote for GoPro cameras is compatible with the following GoPro models:

  • Hero 8 Black
  • Hero 7 Black
  • Hero 6 Black
  • Hero 5 Session
  • Hero 5 Black
  • Hero+ and Hero+ LCD
  • Hero 4 Silver
  • Hero 4 Black
  • Hero 3+
  • Hero 3 Black
  • Hero 3 Silver
  • Hero 3 White

The following GoPro models are not compatible: Hero 7 Silver, Hero 7 White, HERO (2018), Hero 2 and Hero.

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May 09, 2019 • Posted by Very educative

Keep sharing useful tips

May 09, 2019 • Posted by Spivo

Thank you! If you have any questions or want to learn something let us know:)
- Andre

Apr 07, 2020 • Posted by Alfredo Brock

Nice article and the information is really awesome.

Apr 07, 2020 • Posted by Spivo

Thanks, Alfredo! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to get more awesome tips.

Sep 28, 2020 • Posted by Greg

Hi, What about the newest GoPro Hero9? Is it compatible with this shutter?

Sep 28, 2020 • Posted by Spivo

Hey Greg, unfortunately, the newest GoPro Hero 9 doesn’t work with any remote. It only works with voice commands and the GoPro app.

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